Takin' a Leap! Care to KAL?
3TT: Nightshift Knit-Along!

Away we go!

It looks like there might be 8 of us (so far) taking the leap! I'm the laid-back queen, so y'know, this is going to be a loosely run ship -- it's all about FUN (and knitting)!!


It was really nice to dive into this project over the weekend. I was thinking that I wanted to get a start on it before we leave for vacation because it might not come along... but who knows!

Big news over the weekend was the finish of a big ol' sweater!

On Friday, I soaked and pinned it out to block...


That's four layers of damp bulky knitting in some places and Saturday was the Bang Out deadline, so...


I tied my blocking mat to my drying rack and set it in front of a heat register overnight!

That did the trick. I sewed it up on Saturday and voila!


I have a whole bunch of terrible selfie bedroom photos! I wore it yesterday while running a few errands with Kate, thinking that I'd get her to take a few better ones... heh. Maybe later today. A proper FO post and details to come...




Bravo! That is just gorgeous, Vicki! Well done!


I only board loosely-run ships, so once I get over my color paralysis, I may join you. Congratulations on your cozy, finished cardigan (and very clever drying arrangement)!


Ha-ha on the drying arrangement. Glad it worked. I had seen your pics on IG and I've gotta say, this is one very cool sweater. So fast and it looks so squishy!!


I have to say that I have liked your Main Squeeze the best of all of them ever since you cast on. Perfect color for wearability!


Very nice sweater.

I'm trying to cast on for the KAL (B-KAL?) and already a problem. I see on Ravelry I'm not the only one. Doing a M1R when the first 3 stitches are slipped for the I-cord is nearly impossible and leaves a hole. Some folks used YO and then knitted through the back of the YO on the next row, and I am leaning toward that myself. Anyone else have an issue? How did you resolve it?


That looks like the most cozy, comfy sweater ever! Well done on getting it finished in time!


That looks so cozy, I bet you will reach for it again and again. And hooray for our new knit along!


Well done, Vicki! You're going to love having that "coat sweater" finished just in time for the fickle weather of spring! It looks great (and I love that color). XO


I like it! It looks substantial but not heavy. Let us know how it feels to wear it.


Love your Main Squeeze- great color and it looks so comfy AND it has pockets ( a requirement for me).
I'm thinking of joining your KAL for night shift. I'm still unpacking yarn from my move.


It looks great, Vicki! and I LOVE the energy around the Bang Out a Sweater thing that gets a SWEATER. in a month!!

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