"No," said Jün.
Vacation morning

Fin de semana -ing

It usually all goes out the window when it matters, but...


After adding 60 days in a row, maybe something will stick! Yay Duolingo!

On Saturday, I worked on finishing the Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic that I made with fabric from Spoonflower.


This included learning how to take apart my sewing machine to dislodge stuck fabric. Turns out you're not supposed to "reverse" with a walking foot? I'm sure I did that all the time on my old machine. Hm.


Ali & I also went for our first pedicures of the season. I'm usually a bit more predictable/traditional with red polish, but this is fun! Ali declared, "That says 'VACATION'!"


And with that in mind, I cast on a project that's more portable for vacation. This is another Garter Yoke Baby Cardi for a new baby in the KC&T family. Sonny came a little early and spent his first week in the hospital, but he's home now... and I think he needs a sweater for spring! I love my little honeycomb stitch markers (and especially the cork-topped glass vial that they came in) that I got at Wool & Honey last October when I visited Kym in Michigan. I can't exactly remember the yarn right this second, but I realized that I bought the yarn there, too!


"Finishing" by A-line Tunic had mainly to do with the bottom edge. I didn't necessarily want to hem it, but it needed something. My in-seam pockets are the best I've done, so far, but are still an inch or so too low and I feared that if I actually put something in them, they'd peek out the bottom. I took my cue from an Alabama Chanin Alina tunic that I purchased a while back during a sale.


Basically, I cut 1.75-inch strips to add to the bottom, turning up the seam and top-stitching it in place. Essentially, it adds about 1.25 inches overall, gives a bit of heft at the hem and just looks more finished.

The sleeves (mine are elbow-length) are finished the same way on the Alina tunic, except it's a narrower strip and lightweight jersey was used there.


I still want to fell the seams of my A-line Tunic by hand. I did some and then took it out -- running into difficulty around those pockets, where the seam wants to go forward and I want it to go backward. I think I'm just going to have to go with the flow!

Ali & the kiddos came over for a last get-together before departure -- Kate to Scotland on Tuesday, and Rusty & I to Mexico on Wednesday -- and it began with a video chat with Maddy!


My girls all together at the kitchen table. Heh.

I hope you had a great weekend!




I think your tunic looks FAB! And I especially love what you did with the hem. :-)
I love my little stitch marker set from Wool & Honey. Not only do they remind me of a lovely visit with YOU, but that little jar? So adorable! XO


Your tunic and toes look wonderful and say "vacation" to me! I'm glad your international family can still get together for some chats at the kitchen table.


You look all ready for vacation to me! Safe travels to all!


I love that picture of all your girls at the table! Thank goodness for facetime!


FaceTime FTW! and I LOVE your new tunic ... what an awesome finish for your trip!


That's a great color on your toes! I love your new tunic and I hope you have the best time ever in Mexico!


Safe travels Vicki and have fun (how can you not???). Love that your girls can gather together around your table...even tho miles apart. Your tunic looks fab and will be wonderful in Mexico and yup, your toes scream vacation (and maybe sangria??). Have a fabulous trip!


You look soooo ready here! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


The tunic is fabulous!!!! The new toe color is so 'vacationy' . Hope your pockets behave themselves. Sometimes you need to topstitch them to the front to prevent sag~ I put pockets in everything. Enjoy the time in Mexico.


I love those hexagon stitch markers. Thanks for including a link to the shop -- I just ordered some (and while I was on the site also ordered a skein of mYak yarn). Whee!

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