Spring Vacation
Fin de semana -ing

"No," said Jün.

As an aside, "You know, that's short for 'Nona'?"


I don't know why, but that's one of the first things that popped into my head when I was waking up this morning. He slipped that in a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me laugh.

He's holding the bird feeder that he built using a "kit" that Rusty fashioned. It's going to be sunny & warm all weekend, with winds from the south, and I'm told we're to watch as the migratory birds will begin to return.




Your grandson looks like quite a capable carpenter, No! (And I love your knitting needle heads in the background!)


Oh, No! I love it! Genius that kiddo! (and great birdhouse!!)


What a great birdhouse and a great grandson, no? He is getting so grown up!


Yo, No! Your grandson cracks me up!


He's so BIG. And obviously has a great sense of humor and style!


Okay, No . . . I think you have your hands full with that clever kiddo! He looks so proud of his bird feeder. I just love it. XOXO


That "no" makes me smile, too. and how awesome is that bird-feeder ... and the promise of BIRDS!


That Jun has a great sense of humor! Love the birdhouse. I hope he will use the full form of Nona because hearing NO too often can get on one's nerves.

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