Unraveled Wednesday: Nightshift

Scenes from limbo

I haven't been going on daily walks, but at least a few times a week. It's been very wet here... and dreary. Finally, today, the clouds are breaking up a bit!


The photo above is from early last week on the Konkapot Creek Trail, which is just below our house. I used to walk down there all the time when we cared for Maddy's beagle. Lately, it's been with the kids... exploring (and sometimes getting wet)!


There areas in our part of town that have alleys and we enjoy walking the alleys almost more than the street. This was one of at least four "log cabin" birdhouses that I spotted in an alley the other day. They all had green trim and branch details -- including a little twig cross in each gable end.


The kids' grade school is no longer a school, converted to offices and business spaces now. It'll be 130 years old next year! I'm so happy it was still a school when my kids were little; it was a nice little walk (or bike ride) to-and-fro.


One thing that's turning green around here, with all the rain we've had, is MOSS! That blue spot is spilled house paint from last summer. It doesn't really bother me; in fact, I think it looks great with all the colors of the brick!

Like many, I've also been cooking a lot.


I roasted two chickens last weekend and then used the carcasses to make two batches of chicken/bone broth in my Instant Pot. We used one batch of that for chicken soup, and I've frozen the other for later use.

Otherwise, I've been rambling around the house, doing a little here and a little there. I finally made a little headway in my workroom the last couple of days, but it's just hit or miss... there are no deadlines and there doesn't seem to be any real purpose or pressing need to do anything. There's so much available time...

We did venture out to Home Depot the other day to get some plaster and paint. Rusty did some repairs in the apartment upstairs, and Kate's been painting. We're lucky to have a "change of scenery" and something to do just right upstairs. I canceled the only booking we had for April, and the next one isn't until late May -- and iffy, even then.

I finally sat down and got a little caught up on blogs this morning -- still a ways to go -- and can't believe I was three weeks behind already!



Jen A

Finally have a brighter day here in South Central Wisconsin, too. So nice to see the sun!


Thanks for the interesting sights from your neck of the woods! I love the blue sky, old school, old bricks, and delicious-looking chicken fixin's.


Our weather is dreary right now but I'm hoping for a return of the sun soon. It's what you said - there's SO much time that nothing feels pressing.


This new reality takes some getting used to!


Getting outside is such a blessing right now (how is Maddy handling all this as Winter Is Coming?!) ... I told Marc over the weekend that I'm trying to ration all the to-do's. This morning I made a list and I'm going to choose one or two a day and call it good!


I like your scenes from limbo. Thanks for the walk around the neighborhood.


I'm glad you're able to get out to walk some -- we've been dealing with a lot of rain here, too, so anytime I can get out is wonderful. I'll confess I'm one of those weird people who loves moss. We used to have a brick driveway, and it always cheered me up when we started to see bright green between the bricks.


Limbo is such a good word to describe the way things are right now. Glad you can get out once in awhile for a walk. Me too. We've had some very wet weather and some just plain damp days - grey, foggy, misty, etc. Love your bricks and the old school and all those veggies. Keep on keepin' on!


What charming birdhouses! :-) And the school is a treasure! I'm so glad it's being used STILL -- and that your kids got a chance to go to school there. (That tower!!!!) It's been wet and windy here, too. I'm eager for some sunshine and warmer temperatures . . .

Margene Smith

You have a great neighborhood to explore and enjoy. Mine is very new (1960-70s) but I still love walking the streets. It's surprising how few people are out and about, but how many are out and about, too. Come one, spring! We need your love!

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