3TT: Nightshift Knit-Along!
"No," said Jün.

Spring Vacation

At this time last year, we were prepping for Spain & Cornwall. What a trip that was! Las Fallas is again underway in Valencia, as we speak, and Ann has a full house over the next couple of weeks. I've been following some hashtags on IG. I can't imagine anything that would top what we saw last year in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for La Cremà... it will be spectacular, no doubt. Oh, I've been pining...

Luckily, it's only five more sleeps until we're on our way to Mexico... sunshine and upper-70s to low-80s. I'm a-okay with that.

It's going to be real hard not to cram this Nightshift project into my suitcase:


I'm following the section-by-section pattern (at the moment, anyway). And have just switched my "background" color.


I wasn't very in love with that lighter blue color, but now? Knitted up? With those other colors? I love it!!


Maybe Rusty will have some room in his suitcase...




That's beautiful. You are moving so fast, your shawl will be finished before I get out of the first section!

Have a nice trip.


OMG that is gorgeous! Such pretty colors all together. I would HAVE to find a way to stuff it in my luggage SOMEWHWERE - lol.


That is so very pretty! I haven't cast on yet but have high hopes of doing so by early next week. I think I hear your Nightshift saying it would love to see Mexico ...


I was endlessly entertained by my Night Shift shawl. Like . . . couldn't stop playing with it. I started out with the section-by-section "recipe", too. But it didn't take long before I was just playing with the colors and having a heck of a good time! (I was so surprised at how some of the colors "played" together. . ) I love the way yours is starting out! I'm envious of your Mexico trip! Sunshine and warmth and AWAY. XO


Woo Hoo! It's coming along beautifully! I think I'll have a margarita tonight to celebrate your trip!


OH! That's just gorgeous! I'm itching to cast on!


I am following the "make your own rules" guide... and LOVING IT! I am going to switch the background color next section!

Have a great weekend and an even better vacation! (and yes, Rusty better have room!)


Those colors are spectacular!


I just had to sit and admire your Nightshift. It is gorgeous. Have fun on your trip and avoid coronavirus.

Margene Smith

You're going to be sitting on the beach, enjoying the tropical sun and the colors of that beautiful ocean landscape. Are you sure you want to have a bulky (albeit lovely and gorgeous) Nightshift along? Just playing devils advocate. :)


oh yes, I LOVE those sky blue pops against the contrast background. I predict it will be just as pretty when it switches places, too. (and surely Rusty will have room - looks like shorts and t-shirts weather and those take up nearly no room in a suitcase ;-)


Oh wow, that's beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful trip!


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