Fin de semana -ing



I hope you can relax and be in a real vacation frame of mind. I love Rusty's blue tones!

Robby H.

I second Bonny, and hope you are able to enjoy the time there since you're there. We just got back from a trip two days ago that was mostly enjoyable. My best advice is to limit media to getting a few quick headlines to keep a thumb on things, but don't do a deep dive. It will all be there when you return.


The colors in this photo are so beautiful, makes me yearn for Mexico.


It looks wonderful, even sideways. I hope you can make the most of your trip -- get lots of sunshine and fresh air!


It seems awkward to paint in one's lap but I love the colors and your blue knitting goes well with his palatte of colors. Watch out for coronavirus. Have fun.


Enjoy while you can!!! and all the best safe travel/return wishes. I imagine it's not going to be much fun at all... (and how is Kate?)

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