And now she's 2!!

Well, this happened...


Junah left a two-part note under his pillow, instead of a tooth. Luckily, the tooth fairy understood and delivered some goodies, anyway!

_ _ _ _ _

Our governor has issued a "Safer At Home" order for the next 30 days. I may need to go to work on occasion, as I am in a support position for an essential business, but I don't plan to spend any more time there than necessary... and am a little bit grateful that I can do that. I have contact with a handful of co-workers, none who are vulnerable, and public interaction is extremely rare -- and should be zero if all follow orders!

Stay well, my friends.




I have been going to the (closed) library 2 days/week but now I'm doing just 1 since I can access everything but accounts payable from home. The hardest part is not seeing Jackie! I imagine you must be struggling with that as well.


I'm glad the tooth fairy understood! (Ryan did the same thing and the tooth fairy forgot to visit the first night. S/he made profuse apologies and Ryan made out pretty well the next night.) We're under a "Stay at Home" order, too, and I'm doing exactly that. Stay well, Vicki!


woot!! yay Junah!! I was so happy to see that Kate made it back state side. Glad you'll have plenty of things to catch up on while you "stay at home" :-)

Robby H.

We are also in the Stay at Home mode. Frankly, I think everyone should be. DH has been working from home since early last week. It is impacting my productivity in a few ways, but we're getting by. Glad you will have really limited exposure in going to work. Be well!


The tooth fairy is extremely understanding, in my experience. Congrats to Junah -- that's a big milestone!

My county is also under a stay at home order, and luckily I haven't needed to go anywhere (other than taking a walk when the weather's been nice). My office was thankfully ahead of the curve; we've been set up for remote work since March 12. Stay safe!


That Tooth Fairy is so dang flexible! :-) I can't believe Junah is already losing teeth . . . time just flies, doesn't it? Stay well, Vicki. XOXO


I can't believe Junah lost a tooth! Wow! (but what creative notes to that Tooth Fairy!!) Stay safe!


I also feel very fortunate to be able to work from home. Love the tooth fairy note!


Love the Tooth Fairy notes!! I'm not sure how Jun got so big as to be losing teeth though.....

Margene Smith

Our state is a state of cowboys and they haven't issued orders to stay at home, but the are saying groups no larger than 10! I am only going to the grocery store, but that's almost fruitless. My family is all staying in and most of my friends are, too. Zoom is helping me stay connected. Stay healthy, dear Vicki!


I love notes to the tooth fairy- I kept the cutest ones to share with my girls when they were older. They loved them. In this strange time be safe!- Our groceries have special early hours for seniors and I took advantage of that to stock up. Still no TP available.

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