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3TT: Road Trip

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

We kinda needed to bust outta here last week, so we took a drive out to 1) Lake Michigan. That's about an hour east of us, and it was a nice day for a drive.


It just so happens we were on a small portion of the 2) Ice Age Trail.


Yes, that's my husband wearing a jacket and knit cap... while walking barefoot on the shore.


I don't think I'd ever seen Lake Michigan so calm (panoramic view).


We stopped at 3) Cato Falls on the way home -- just because it was there and we'd never been before. It's not the most exciting waterfall you've ever seen, but we enjoyed watching two guys in short whitewater kayaks shooting in and out of the rapids. It was a nice park and not all that far from Ali's, so I'm looking forward to taking the kids there once the playground is open again.

It's chilly and a little windy, but super sunny. And I filled up my gas tank for less than $15 last week... I think we're going to go explore some other park today -- hike a trail or find a waterfall!




My favorite body of water in all the world! Stunning photos, Vicki! And I did not know about the Ice Age Trail!


Love the name Ice Age Trail! And Rusty barefoot but in a jacket and hat is great!! It is SO nice to get out in the fresh air, isn't it?


When life gets tough, the tough go on a road trip and explore! Thanks for taking us along for some lovely scenery.


Such a lovely, calming view that is of Lake Michigan! It's nice that you are close enough to be able to get there and feel like you're getting away from things.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

It's a perfect time to be taking advantage of those kinds of excursions, isn't it? Looks absolutely beautiful...Lake Michigan is my favorite Great Lake shore. I roll like your husband does--warm coat & hat--but definitely barefoot in the sand!!


Isn't it amazing how getting out now is all about going on drives? Reminds me of Sundays when I was a kid.


How beautiful. All of our parks, beaches, and trails are closed right now. I look forward to being able to take a hike. Thanks for letting us come along on yours.


What a perfect get-away, Vicki! I always like to think of you . . . just there on the opposite shore of the lake! XO


May as well take advantage of the low gas prices! I love seeing your road trip pictures. I think we need to get out and find some remote places to go. Thanks for the idea.

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