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3TT: Thar she grows!!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

Thing #1



Thing #2



Thing #3


Bleeding Heart!

THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY! After a prolonged period of clouds and rain, the sun is brightly shining this morning and these things will no doubtedly grow a little. The Bleeding Heart, especially, always seems to quickly blast out of the earth. It never ceases to amaze.

BONUS - Thing #4


Ruby Rhubarb!

Twelve years ago, my friend Ann shared a cutting of her rhubarb plant with me (because how did I not have any of my own?). Since then, Ann has moved from Long Island to Buffalo! I meant to send her a cutting last year for her new house, but it fell off the radar... but this year, for sure! TODAY!!




I love how things look when they are first emerging, and you've got plenty of excitement in the growing department!


Oh yes, these are all sos great! Bleeding heart is something we've never had luck with - not sure why. May need to try it again, so pretty. I'm already thinking of strawberry rhubarb pie!!


I recognized everything but the rhubarb - what an interesting way it develops!


Ohhh...I see strawberry rhubarb pie in your future! Spring is so hopeful. Thanks for sharing your photos of spring.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

I grew up near Buffalo...and that, alone, is reason for spring to be one's favorite season! The bleak winters meant pure JOY when spring FINALLY came...and the GREEN along with it! Love seeing all the bulbs and newbies peeking through. Enjoy!


This makes me smile! I love that the things are growing. (I'm smiling that seeds are in short supply around here)

Julia in KW

This walk around the garden is part of my day every day at some point now...I love to watch my yard and garden wake up! I’ve seen peonies, hosta, hydrangea, forsythia, quince, tulips, daffodils and the wonderful mystery flowers that come up every year starting to come to life!


I love seeing all the things coming up! It makes my heart sing! Thank you for sharing so many lovely little treasures!


We had sunshine yesterday, too! It is SO GLORIOUS to find spring happening in our gardens, isn't it? I just love this time of year. So exciting! Thanks for sharing! XO

Margene Smith

You have so much potential growing in your yard! I am watching each bud in my garden and the area around me. Late April early May is the most magical around here!

Jeannie Gray

I've never seen rhubarb growing. Awesome photos!

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