The week that got away

HBD 2020

Madeleine's 29th birthday is today! Kate was 35 on Wednesday! Ali hit 33 last Thursday!


And, with that, Birthday Season has concluded!*

I don't think I've mentioned that Maddy has written a blog post -- possibly a one-off, but maybe there will be more? Basically, in a nutshell, life has turned upside-down down-under just as it has everywhere else. Maddy & Viv thought they'd be working/living in Western Australia for a while, but will be turning around and heading back to New South Wales (today, I believe), to hunker down and, after quarantine, work on Viv's parents' farm. She'd begun to plan on coming home in November for a visit, around my birthday more or less, but that's pretty unlikely now. I really don't know when I'll hug her next. Thank god for all the different ways that we can connect these days.

Alison is hanging in there at the coffee shop, reduced schedule/hours, limited menu, and basically a one-woman show! Online ordering, for the most part, touch-free pick up or curbside delivery are allowing her to hang in there. I think Kate & I are going to basically be "volunteers" on Saturdays. We were up there today and it was fun, plus we get to hang out! But she's probably going to have to call at least one of her employees back -- if they're willing -- for weekdays. It's a very tricky situation on many levels right now...

Kate's been hunkered down here, after her trip to Scotland was cut short last month. She's finished painting the Airbnb and we're slowly getting the decor updated and the whole thing put back together. I actually had two inquiries last week, but, alas, neither of them resulted in a booking. She's also been beading earrings like a madwoman and opened an Etsy shop: Glass Brick Beadwork. You can also check out @glassbrickbeadwork on IG.

A few have inquired about Ann, and things are proceeding there, albeit with a hiccup or two. They still plan to move to Peru this summer (they've just rented a house and I had a little video tour)! (I can't wait to visit!) They've been on lock-down in Spain for five weeks now? I think? Restrictions are slowly beginning to ease. I won't see any of them this year unless I'm able to travel there this fall (and not be in quarantine the entire time) or they return for Christmas, as originally planned (and also aren't in quarantine the entire time). The boys won't be coming here this summer, as camp has been canceled and everything's been thrown off -- they'll just all travel to Peru together -- and that means a postponed Auntie Camp! Maybe we can have a holiday edition.

*(Ha. At least for a week -- another month, anyway -- when Ginny turns 4!) (Yes, FOUR!)



Robby H.

So much going on! Hopefully, things will ease up a bit somewhere along the way, although I'm not counting on it. Peru sounds intriguing, hope they stay long enough that you'll get to visit. Maybe a care package of supplies to the boys for a day or two of virtual Auntie Camp? Wishing all of you, near and far, stay healthy!


That's a shame about Auntie Camp! Our granddaughter in Florida was supposed to come to MA this summer for dance camp and we just found out that was canceled so now we won't get to see her. Damn this pandemic thing stinks!


That photo of your girls is such a nice one! A belated happy birthday to all of them.


I'm sorry to read about all the canceled plans and no hugs, but I'm very glad everyone is staying as safe as possible and hanging in there. I hope you, your girls, and the rest of your family will be able to be together for hugs, camp, and smiles in the not-too-distant future.


What is it about July at your house-all 3 girls born in April? Sorry everyone's plans are up in the air. We are lucky to hae facetime and zoom so we can visit. All plans are up in the air. Stay safe.


Love that photo of your girls Vicki! They are all so pretty. Sorry so many plans have had to be cancelled. It's disappointing and tiresome. Kate's earrings are so pretty! I did read Maddy's blog post (I enjoyed her previous writing so much). Glad she and Viv are doing ok. Finally, I cannot believe that Gin is going to be FOUR!!!!


Huge hugs and hearts for all (so many birthdays!!) ... and thank you for all the updates on the girls. You've clearly raised 'em right!

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