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Monday morning smiles

So, over the weekend, my sister Ann posted a video to her YouTube channel called "My Cooking Show."

She made it to help inspire the students at her school... but also because she's always wanted to have a cooking show, and there's no better time than now!

This morning, Alison posted the cutest response (in three parts):



Happy Monday! I hope you're smiling, too.



Susanne Scheurwater

OMG, she is so cute!!! that smile gets me every time....


These are just the best! I love Ann's idea of looking back on this time and doing something that she always wanted to do, and a cooking show sounds great (and inspiring). Ginny the cook is so adorable, and quite capable in the kitchen also. Thanks; I smiled all the way through!


These videos are just the BEST!!! I enjoyed hearing and seeing Ann, but Ginny stole the show, you know. I loved when she dumped the yogurt into/on to the pan of granola. Too funny!! Thanks Vicki for such a good time.


Oh.my.gosh!! She is adorable! (and go Ann!!)


Is there anything cuter than cute kids cooking? I think not!


This is THE BEST thing!!! Thank you so much for the cheer today. XOXO
(I love seeing Malina doing her thing in the background, too.)
(And I've been thinking about Ann. Is her move on hold -- or did she move before All This????)


The vidoes of Ginny really brightened my day. How fun! Thanks for posting.

Margene Smith

I would love to be there with her and enjoy that bit of yumminess. She's so cute! Your sister's show is very good, too. I like her idea of having special things to remember and there is no time like the present.


This is THE BEST! Thank you for sharing it with us.


That bonnet! Thank you so much for sharing the smiles.


ah, this is so great, Vicki! thank you for sharing!

Have you seen Carla Music's BA Test Kitchen series (it's on YouTube) where she makes a recipe and coaches a celebrity through it ... standing back to back in the test kitchen - Carla can only coach with words. It's good. and I think Gin has a leg up on a few of those celebrities. :-)

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