Come What May

Shrinky Dinks

Once upon a time, the kids & I made Shrinky Dinks. Remember those??


They were in a Toy Story mood, but there was also a purple My Little Pony (Ginny) and a pretty cool key (Junah). Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of their projects, but we sure had a blast!

Ali supplied the sheets we used:


Afterwards, I ordered more for future, including some with patterned sheets, which might work well for the kids in a free-form way.

I couldn't resist doing a couple myself, and used designs from the Anni Albers book I'd purchased at Black Mountain College Museum when Kate and I visited Asheville in February.


It's been decades since I made a Shrinky Dink, and there was a bit of a learning curve. That's what came out of the oven, and I learned two things: 1) an insulated pan might not have been the best choice, and 2) whether insulated or not, preheating the pan is probably a good idea.

I have to admit that I sort of loved them all curly like that, but I stuck them back in the oven...


I was able to flatten out the bigger piece (1-7/8″ x 2-1/4″), but the smaller one wouldn't come apart!

It was really fun!!




I used to love Shrinky Dinks and loved seeing yours!

Robby H.

My first thought when I saw these beauties all 3-D in shape was if there was a way to make some fabulous jewelry out of them. It's good to play, no matter what age we are.


I have never heard of Shrinky Dinks and have no friggin' idea what they/it are/is!!! But...looks like fun for sure. Feeling slightly deprived.....


I loved Shrinky Dinks! What fun! We used to stamp on things and color them in. I even made pins for teacher presents one year!


Shrinky Dinks have always been very popular with my kids and now grandkids. I even have "specially made" Shrinky Dink stitch markers, one is even a My Little Pony. We often use a sheet of foil to bake them on. Mostly it seems to be waiting long enough for them to fully cook. They flatten out as they fully shrink down. Patience and plenty of viewing room in front of the oven seem to be what one needs most for a successful outcome. I'm glad you ordered more already!


My daughter got a Shrinky Dinks kit as a gift a couple of years ago, and I was amazed that they were still made because I could remember making them as a kid! It shows how my perspective has changed, though -- her first thought was to use them as jewelry charms, but I immediately thought of making them into stitch markers!


You know . . . I never did Shrinky Dinks! But I was always intrigued. (They weren't around yet when I was a kid - although we did have Incredible Edibles and Lite-Brite ;-). And my own kids were NOT interested in crafts at all. . . ) I LOVE your creations! Maybe it's not too late for me to try Shrinky Dinks after all.


They look like mini sculptures all curled up that way - I like it!


two thoughts - I loved Shrinky Dinks ... we made them when the girls were small (and for the life of me I have NO idea what we did with them) AND Oh My, was Asheville really "just" in February?

Gale Z

I’d completely forgotten about Shrinky Dinks! Thank you for the inspiration! Zoe and I just took a deep dive into the options (NOT! We went yes yes yes and ordered ) along with a nice new set of markers. So fun, can’t wait to play with this.

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