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We did, indeed, head out on a little road trip yesterday. We drove about 1.5 hours N-NE -- not far from where Annie used to live -- to find the waterfall at Veterans Park. Oh, it was so worth it!!


There was a stairway down to the river and some paths along the shore.


And a really lovely foot bridge over the water!


I think we all had wet feet, but it was just all too tempting to explore! There was still a fair bit of snow on the ground in places, too.


We sat down to soak up the sun and listen to the water... next thing you know, I was having a little lie down on the rocks. That's when I took the first photo in this post.


And turned the camera around for this one. That big rock certainly wasn't warm, but it wasn't freezing cold, either. The coolness felt good and the sun felt good and it all just felt so good.

And then on the way home there was this:


Crazy spring weather!

I hope you all have a great weekend... there's a holiday or something, isn't there? Gah.




These pictures are gorgeous, I love how you captured all the textures. And it's always good to see your smiling face.


Your waterfalls road trip looks like a wonderful excursion. Snow melt, rushing water, spring ferns, and lying in the sun on rocks are all pandemic antidotes!


This is just what I needed! I am going to hijack Steve and do something similar! Thank you for the inspiration!


LOVE this, Vicki! That . . . fungus? moss? whatever???? . . . looks like velvet. Or chenille pipe cleaners. What a wonderful excursion! Happy weekend. XO


Thanks for taking us along with you on your escape into nature. The color of that moss is to die for (or maybe to dye for?). I love that lichen/fungus/whatever it is, too.


Spring weather is SO crazy, but thank you for sharing this lovely trip into nature!


your relaxed face says it all! What a lovely detoxifying trip. What is growing on that tree? almost looks like oysters til you see the closeup of the fuzzy edges.


what a welcome break Vicki! and thank you for sharing the photos ... I'm glad my feet aren't wet right now, but I love seeing those BIG skies!


Oh my! I love to lie back on rocks. What a wonderful excursion. Love your smile and all your pics (even snow!!)

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