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Unraveled Wednesday: Mystery, 100 Days, and More Cooking!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading... and doing.


Well, I'm still working on Nightshift, but after Zoom Knitting on Sunday (hosted by Mary) and seeing both Kat and Margene working on Romi's Mystery Shawl 2020, I caved...


These are the two yarns I originally chose. The lighter one is by Lambstrings Yarn, Tralala Sock in a color called "Home Again." The other one shall go unnamed... as I went to wind it up, I discovered three distinct ends. Um, that's not good. I was willing to go wind a couple of balls, but it was a tangled PITA mess. Not interested in that at the moment, so I grabbed a hank of some of my own stuff that's been around for a while.


It's a bit more vibrant. I hope it will work out.


And here's where I'm at with that project. Next step is to cast off the top edge of that triangle and then I don't know... it's a MYSTERY!


I finished His Other Life: Searching For My Father, His First Wife, and Tennessee Williams the other day, but still need to generate my BINGO CARD and find a square for it! Yes! In case you haven't heard, Bingo has begun early this year. I rarely get a Bingo, but I love the opportunity to explore different books & genres that I wouldn't otherwise do on my own.

So now I'm back to Centering In Pottery, Poetry, and the Person, by M.C. Richards -- inspired by the visit to North Carolina and the Black Mountain College Museum.

And I'm listening to Hope Jahren read her book, The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here.

But what I really want to listen to right now is Stephen Fry reading the UK version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Book 1. Dare I admit that I've never read a single Harry Potter book? Certain members of my household have read some of these... and re-read and re-read and re-read... certainly numbered in double digits by now. Anyway. Unfortunately, it can't be downloaded, but there's more how-to info/links here on The Verge.


Another 100 Days of Sewing - Alabama Chanin style, mostly on my Car Jacket, but I have a few other items cut, stenciled and ready to go from my visit with Kym last fall.

For the record, here's where I stand/begin with that project:


Two finished sleeves.


Collar and two pockets/pocket flaps with a bit of a start -- they are smaller pieces and have traveled with me on occasion.


One side of the back underway -- I'd say not quite half-way. So that's where I've begun, with the other side of the back and both fronts yet to go. And then sewing up. Oh yeah.


My sister has really started something...

...and Alison has run with it!! ❤️ Bon appetit!




I LOVE Cooking with Jun and Gin! Thanks so much for sharing . . . you ALL have just made my day. (And whenever I'm feeling down, I'm going to re-watch Ginny's "wardrobe malfunction.") They are so wonderful, Vicki. And Ali is the ultimate patient mom. XOXO


Your new shawl is beautiful (and quite mysterious)! I've listened to plenty of HP books, but always narrated by Jim Dale. I'm really looking forward to Stephen Fry. I'm also looking forward to your 100Days and more cooking! Those two are a hoot and I hope there is lots more cooking to come!


Nothing new to add from Kym & Bonny. I LOVE the kids cooking and Al really is a patient Mom. What great memories those kids will have. Love the yarn for your shaawl (especially YOUR yarn!!). And, as always, I love seeing your AC stitching. So pretty and inspiring.


The variations in those yarns colors are so beautiful! I've not done a mystery pattern because I'm not a very fast knitter and feel like I would be so far behind, but perhaps now is the time to jump in. And now we have to have personal pizzas for dinner too :) Thanks for sharing.


Ahhh! OMG I love Cooking with Jun and Gin!! The best!! (and so perfect!!) AND baskgetti sauce! YES!! (and that fly by cooking bomber!! Hahahahaha) I love your yarn choices for your Romi shawl!

Robby H.

I was reluctant to read HP since I was "a grownup". Then my niece started reading them and I thought I should learn what the fuss was about. I found them to be richly told tales with characters you care about. I imagine a photographer would really be able to appreciate some of the imagery in her mind's eye. Hope you find them enjoyable.

Jane A. Wolfe

The yarns for the shawl look great together. Keep us posted. Romi is so creative and a beautiful designer. Fun cooking for sure.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Those 'cooking shows' were the BEST way to start my day!


I think it's the perfect time for you to (finally) read Harry Potter! Your shawl is going to be gorgeous and I think the extra vibrant color will work out just fine. LOVE those cooking shows!


The grandkiddos might really have a future in online cooking shows when this is over!

I really love the colors you're using for the Romi shawl. Your hand-dyed coordinates so well with the solid!


What a wonderful start to my day! So much happening at your house. I love your own yarn better than the PITA one. Romi has designed some of my favorite shawls. More work on your jacket! It is sooo pretty and interesting to watch it's evolution. Jun and Gin gave me belly laughs! When Gin lost her apron top and wiped her hand on her shirt I almost spit out my tea. I love JKRowlings' HP series. Listening should be fun while you knit and sew. Stay safe.


delightful Vicki. all around. thank you! (gosh, I miss my little boys)


So many fun things here Vicki but my new favorite cooking show with Jun and Gin is #1!

Margene Smith

I'm so glad you joined the Romi Mystery KAL! I'm starting clue 2 today (time allowing-LOL!). And, speaking of LOL-THOSE KIDS!! So fun to watch.

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