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Unraveled Wednesday: Nightshift

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading.

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done an "Unraveled Wednesday" post! North Carolina! It seems like not only a long time ago, but also another world...

I guess it was a different world in February.


I knit a baby sweater while we were in Mexico, but still need to do the finishing... and instead of doing that, I'm knitting on my Nightshift shawl.


I'd made a little headway on the bind-off the other day, and then decided/realized that it wasn't quite as big as I want it to be. I'll admit that I never did a swatch and have no idea what my gauge is or how it compares, even now. I have a feeling that the shawl will grow a bit once it's blocked, but I'm not sure if it'll be a little or a lot. Whatever! I am really enjoying the knitting and combining colors and I'm just going to keep going for a while.

It's fun keeping an eye on the Ravelry group, too, and though not the most active group on the web, I'm pleased that there are 37 members!


When I noticed that there was green & gold in my kit (or anytime there's green + gold anywhere), the Green Bay Packers came to mind... even though the shades are off. (That green is probably my least favorite color in the bunch, actually.) Anyway, I was avoiding it for a while, but then decided to just embrace it, so there are two "green & gold" sections in my shawl.

I wonder if we'll have a football season this year.

And then I wonder, how is that even a question? So crazy.


My "vacation read" was His Other Life: Searching For My Father, His First Wife, and Tennessee Williams.

Though I didn't read a lot on vacation, I enjoyed the book and so it's the one I grab every night when I crawl into bed.

I'm not listening a lot, either, but when I do plug it in, I'm listening to Hope Jahren read her latest book, The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here.


These are strange times...

IMG_3676 I've also started a puzzle. I've had this one for quite a while -- 1000 pieces, all children's book covers -- with the idea of gluing it together & framing it for Ali to hang in the playroom or one of the kids' rooms. I had to beg a card table off of Rusty (from his studio/gallery, where it was displaying stuff that no one will be seeing), but I'm all set up now. We're not huge puzzlers, but this one is going to be so fun!




Oh, your Nightshift colors! I even like the green and gold. The whole thing is simply gorgeous. I like that puzzle and spy some familiar authors and titles. It also looks fun and colorful!

Kat Christensen

Your Nightshift is glorious! (Mine did not grow tremendously in the blocking) Stay safe!


I love your Night Shift, Vicki. It is definitely a smaller shawl than you think it's going to be (when you look at the modeled photos in the pattern). I never did a gauge swatch either, but when it was finished, I did measure my blocked shawl and found that, yep, it was (roughly) the size it was supposed to be. I don't mind the size, myself. But I was surprised at how small it was compared to my own expectations (which, of course, were not based on a measurement check. . . so, duh). :-)

It is amazing how much and how quickly life has changed. I'm pretty sure we're all suffering from a serious case of whiplash right now. Enjoy your puzzle! XO


I love how your Nightshift is knitting up! They aren't colors I would choose, but they're so bright and cheerful. If I ever knit one, I should make someone else choose my colors for me!


I love your NightShift, especially those pops of bright blue! And that puzzle will be great for the kiddos to keep. I was hoping for a big NightShift and I've got plenty of yarn, maybe I will consider extra repeats.


I really like how your shawl looks it is so colorful and fun to look at with all of the different patterns. The puzzle you are working on sounds like fun, I might look for that one myself :) take care! these are strange times!


February feels like another dimension, doesn't it?! I think your NightShift is gonna be gorgeous; I didn't add repeats to mine, but I think my gauge looks looser than yours (and my yarn was cotton/silk, known for being stretchy). My advice about all the neck accessories is to knit until you run out of yarn OR run out of steam ... whichever comes first. And gah! that Hope Jahren book is waiting for me at the library. when it re-opens.

Margene Smith

Love your Nightshift and the colors you're using. They work together and offer a lot of POP! The puzzle looks fun. I love puzzles with blocks of color. It takes me a long time to do a puzzle as it's my TV project, but I have enjoyed them since I was a kid and my mom did them for relaxation (and family fun). xo

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