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Shrinky Dinks


Our "nature break" this week was going to be at the local nature center that's "right in our own backyard," but instead it turned out to be -- literally -- IN OUR OWN BACKYARD.


Garden clean-up underway! Truthfully, it was mostly Kate and a little Rusty, with observation by me. It doesn't look like much, but there was a lot of cleaning out. Soon, we'll get some mulch for the path and a few more plants.

I'll also be picking up herb & tomato plants from my CSA  in just about 3 weeks! (I'd better start getting ready.)

I had a few more packets of the stuff, so did a little more Kool-Aid dyeing -- also with a couple new ones that I snagged on our last trip to the store -- and just found a couple more that I'd stashed a long time ago. But I think I'm pretty good with what I've dyed so far. I need to spread everything out and double-check all my colors.


I joined Mary's Sunday Knitters Zoom Meet-up yesterday and someone sounded the alarm about Kool-Aid dye and colorfastness! After a little research, my method was good/recommended, but as an extra precaution I'm going to pop it all back into a hot citric acid or vinegar bath.


I finally put stitch markers in to mark the repeats in Romi's Mystery Shawl and, as you might expect, it really helps!! I still have a ways to go before I begin the most recent clue... but I keep plugging away.


I'm also plugging away at my "practice piece" for Safe At Home. It looks a little scary! A lot of those ends are already woven in and just awaiting trimming -- or maybe just a quick run back in the other direction first. I need to knit roofs and skies, and then a border... and then a back (or maybe that could be fabric). I'm thinking rectangular/bolster pillow... and I'm thinking of one for each of my homies. Heh.




I love the colors for your houses!!! That yarn is just perfect. :-) I have . . . just the one full block complete. (My favorite part is the roof.) The ends. Sigh. Happy garden clean-up! It's so great to get that going again.


Sneaky you with that photo from yesterday! ...and whew for the Kool-aid input and research. I do love the colors you've created and it would be a shame for them to fade.


Your houses are just adorable! I wanted to work outside this weekend but the perpetual rains kept us indoors! Sigh


I will keep my fingers crossed that your Kool-Aid-dyed yarn keeps its color! The yarn I dyed many years ago kept its color just fine, and I didn't do anything special, but I suppose there's always a possibility of a bad batch.

I love the houses! I'm not sure I have the stamina to knit the giant blanket, but I was thinking the pattern would make an adorable baby blanket.


Your houses look great. I think the ends would make me nuts though.....

I'm hoping you will be selling more yarn.......


In case you tire of weaving in ends, Susan Rainey of The Rainey Sisters blog has some ideas to avoid it. Here is a video she made https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KX9nM8QnqOg. And there is a pdf summary and the video linked in her latest blog post. https://theraineysisters.com/?p=8963

The sample looks wonderful!

Margene Smith

Your blanket/pillow is going to be so cool. I had to resort to markers for my Romi mystery, too. One can only live dangerously for so long. I am not going to be able to catch up!


Something about your own backyard and The Wizard of Oz are clicking for me right now! I love that knitting you are doing, it looks so tidy and orderly.

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