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Come What May

Well, April flew right on by, didn't it? March was such a slog. I have no idea what this month will be like... COME WHAT MAY.

I do know that there will be flowers.


I love these pale yellow tulips in the back yard.


The bleeding hearts are almost there! My garden is full of them (and I'm not sad).


Rusty brought Pan out to the garden yesterday. (Not really Pan, but that's what we've always called him... actually more like Daphnis or Dionysus -- especially with the grapes.) He's around 30 years old now! Maddy was pretty little when she and our neighbor Luke tossed the original "flutes" (made of plastic tubing) down the hill. Rusty replaced them with these copper pipes that are ever-so-much-better than the original.


The Kool-aid yarn got the vinegar spa treatment the other day, so I'm ready to proceed with loosely sorting my colors. I want to make sure I have a pretty good range and balance of light/dark, warm/cool. I think I'm there...

I hope you have a great weekend!




I also think you're there with that lovely yarn, surrounded in your own house by Pan, tulips, and loaded bleeding hearts!


Oh that yarn looks scrumptious! And those tulips are wonderful. We've put in bleeding heart several times and never had any luck with it. I might need to try again. Pan is so much fun!


I miss a yard with bleeding hearts! Have a good weekend!


happy sigh ... your garden is so pretty! and I love that yarn! the colors are fun and bright and will make such happy houses!!


Love seeing all the flowers -- and our bleeding heart has been in full bloom for a week or two, so I'm excited for yours to explode!


I always think it's cool how we have names for things around the house that are specific to our family, like your Pan. Beautiful tulips and Happy Weekend to you!

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