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Unraveled Wednesday: Building Houses


Ginny turned 4 on Saturday!


We had a "distanced" celebration yesterday at their house. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day (though very windy) and there was lots of room for everyone outside.

Among Ginny's gifts was the DVD for Tangled -- aka, Disney does Rapunzel.

When she opened it, she exclaimed, "It's Rapunzel... with another man!!"

Apparently, she's been watching a Barbie version and the heroine's must look similar, but the heroes do not.

😉 🤣



Robby H.

Poor Ginny learning about infidelity at such a tender age! LOL


Happy Birthday Ginny! Oh how I love movie reviews from that age group. Thing is that it is also the age range of movies I get to see the most.


aw, I didn't even KNOW Disney had done Rapunzel. Her birthday looks like a great time - I'm so glad y'all got to be part of it ... even at a distance - and here's to FOUR!


Happy Birthday Ginny! Four! I can't believe it she looks so pretty and so happy. Glad you could distance celebrate together.


Happy Birthday Gin!! Four is so much fun! XO


Oh, I'm so glad you could have an in person gathering for Ginny's 4th birthday!


How did Ginny grow up so fast? Time really does fly and I'm glad you got to celebrate with her! (Sounds like Rapunzel gets around!)

Margene Smith

She is an incomparable grrl! It has been fun to watch her grow, but I never would have thought she was 4 years old! Incredible!


Happy birthday to Ginny! I'm so glad the weather cooperated so you could all celebrate together.


Oh. Be still my heart. XOXOXO I'm so glad you were able to celebrate together! Happy Birthday to dear Ginny. Four, already. My goodness.

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