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Putzing along

We put together a couple of puzzles a while back and I've been meaning to glue them together.


This one is the Yoro Park Puzzle from Slowdown Studio, and it is destined for the Airbnb. The box that it came in is super cute (and a lot smaller) and resides on a shelf in our living room, so we also get to enjoy the image. The puzzle was harder than it looks! I'd never heard of Yoro Park before... it looks very interesting! Anyway, my Mod Podging skills won't be winning any awards, but it's done... now I need to find a frame.

The other puzzle is much bigger, so I'm glad I got my feet wet with this one.

After almost 10 weeks without an Airbnb guest, and my will-they/won't-they waffling with resulting scramble on Friday to get ready, we pulled it off. He sent the sweetest message on Friday night:

Saturday was gorgeous and they took a day-trip up to Door County. It's a little early for cherry blossoms, but it sure was a great day for a drive.

I got a little goofy and tried on some sunglasses that were delivered for Kate on Saturday.


Tom Ford and Fendi! That's around $900 of designer shade right there, that she scored on super super super sale. They look 900% better on her, but I had a laugh.

Well, I probably won't ever have a Hills Hoist of my own, but I do love hanging my laundry out, and was able to do that on Saturday.


Rusty's been moving right along with the project.


It was a wet dreary mess yesterday (and today, improving tomorrow), so he was in the basement painting some windows.

I think I have all the yarn wound up for the Safe At Home Baby Blanket!


I've moved the middle of "E" down to "I." They're both Kool-aid dyed yarns that I made specifically with this project in mind. I wouldn't mind one more darker/richer option for "G," and may toss the stash once more to see what I can come up with; otherwise, I'm happy with these colors. I'm determined not to buy anything new, and I don't really want to dye anything new, either.

I do want to finish Romi's Mystery Shawl before I begin this, though, and I finally started on the final clue last night while watching TV.

We're watching "The Great" on Hulu... have you heard of it?

Well, we didn't actually watch it last night because of a glitch, but it's good! We like it better than we thought we would.

As mentioned, RAIN yesterday...


So, we finally rearranged the living room.


A few pieces of furniture are (or will be) gone. It'll take a little while to "settle in" but I think I like it... there will be some rearranging on the walls, at some point, too.

I can't wait to see the kids' reaction!! (Our cat is a little confused...)




I love rearranging rooms! I'm itching to do it -- but want to try to figure out how to get rid of a few pieces of furniture first (because where will I put them????). It has been raining here for two days straight, and I'm really ready for it to move on now . . . XO


You packed a lot into this post! I'm glad you're getting some guests again upstairs and I think the living room looks great. I'm so excited for you on that porch project, it will be a wonderful way to extend your outdoor living time.


It always makes me laugh to rearrange rooms and then see how the cat reacts. HA! Glad you are having guests again and what a sweet note he left! Those sunglasses are FUN!!!


I really like the first pair of glasses on you -- you look very glamorous! And I'm digging the living room rearrangement. I never think to put furniture on the diagonal, but it really changes the feel of a room.


I saw that was out on Hulu, I might have to sit down and binge a bit and work on some socks! :)


Fun frames and the project framing is coming along! I'd love to rearrange furniture, but between windows, doors, radiators, and pipes to the radiators, I think there may only be one arrangement for our living room furniture. What we really need is new and fewer pieces of furniture!


We knew you were a rock star! :-) Love the rearrangement and picturing the cat! And I'd love to see Ginny's face when she sees the change!


Ok, the Pantone card has me curious - is it part of the pattern? or is that the smart way you organize colors for a massive color-intense project? (also, the porch re-do is looking awesome!) (p.s. also - that first pair of sunglasses ... I hope they're still on sale sale sale, because you NEED them!)


I've never been in your house, but I must say even the picture through me off kilter. Your Safe at Home blanket is going to be beautiful and the colors look so exciting and vibrant. The porch project is looking exciting, too!

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