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What a(nother) week! Let's catch up.


On Monday, I took delivery of a delightful package from the UK. I've been following the work of Suraya Hossain at Mahliqa for a while, and recently ordered the limited edition set of Thistle Stitch Markers that were produced for the 2019 Edinburgh Yarn Fest. I've never been to EYF, but I have been to Edinburgh and, in fact, it was just about 6 years ago (as my social media timelines are beginning to remind me)! I look forward to the day when I can possibly return, and I sure wouldn't be sad if it was to attend EYF.


Rusty's been working on the remodel/un-remodel/re-remodel of the back porch most afternoons. I took this photo on Tuesday afternoon and yesterday, he had the other wall framed and outside window sills in place! We'll get all those windows installed and then eyeball placement of the "marriage window" before he can frame that in... there's a lot going on there and we're just going to "have to see."

I'll tell you one thing, it's getting more exciting every day -- the prospect of doubling the "garden room" space and have it actually usable has us all feeling a little giddy!

During a recent Zoom-chat with Cara & Ann, Ann asked me to ask Maddy about the Hills Hoist, which I did, "...have you or Viv ever heard of it?"

Maddy replied by saying, "Hahaaa! Viv is very proud of this! They are everywhere. Pretty sure every one of Viv's family members' houses have one!"

And then on Tuesday, she sent me photos of theirs (at Viv's mom's, where they've been quarantined) in action!


Have you ever heard of Hills Hoists? (Also, can you buy hummus in a bucket... with a handle... one large enough that it can repurposed to hold clothes pegs?)

I had Wednesday off of work -- my usual day off every week. I won't say that my mojo returned, but I sewed up the pile of masks anyway.


Part of my slowness is due to the fact that, though not resistant to wearing a mask, I sometimes feel resentful about having to wear one, no matter how beautiful, cute, cheeky, or fun. I get mad (at no one in particular, and everyone!) that we're in this situation, I feel sad, and then I find something else to do...

Change the scenery/task a million times a day so as not to dwell on the clusterfuck happening all around me. Wisconsin is nutso right now.

On a brighter note, I had an inquiry on Wednesday for a weekend stay at the Airbnb -- Thu-Sun. I started pulling it together on Wednesday night, but didn't want to "go all the way" unless I knew for sure (so many queries have fallen through or were bogus to begin with), and still didn't have a firm booking confirmation, when I went to bed around 10... early (for me). I checked my phone when I got up at 4 a.m., and sure enough there'd been a reply to confirm at closer to 11 (my usual early bedtime). Then I tossed & turned for an hour before getting up at 5 to finish before heading to work. Kate did all the last-minute stocking and fluffing -- and, oh yeah, she & Rusty had to break into the lock box! Ha. Anyway, it feels good to have people up there. And, there's a couple from NYC arriving the following Sunday to quarantine for two weeks before going to visit her parents in Green Lake. The bookings don't make up for all the cancellations, but at least it's something, and we love having a nice place to offer.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day today, and tomorrow holds promise, too! I hope you have a good weekend.




Have a nice weekend Vicki! (And WI is nutso right now! )


Love the thistle stitch markers and Hills Hoists! I had never heard of them, but now, of course, I want one. Any laundry-drying implements that can also be used for a drinking game are okay in my book. I feel exactly the same way about masks. I've got four more cut out, but sewing has not yet happened. I'm glad you've got framing going on and some bookings. NJ is also nutso right now. The governor has said beaches and boardwalks will be open for Memorial Day but he didn't say I had to be there with the crazies.

Robby H.

I'm right beside you (at a safely spaced distance) on the cluster that has created this situation. The masks don't bother me other than trying to make sure we always have at least one clean for "just in case". But, I've worked in environments where I wore other protective gear (e.g., goggles, aprons, gloves, etc.) so I just look at it mostly as a tool. And I will gladly put all of that and a mask on to vote, if necessary. EXCEPT we're a state that has voted by mail for a few years now, so it isn't necessary.


When I was growing many of my friends had a rotary line dryer like yours but weren’t an official Hills Hoist. Is there something special about that particular brand?


I've never heard of a Hills Hoist and I don't think I've ever needed that much hummus! I feel the same way about making masks. I have loads of fabric to choose from and can make some really cute ones but I don't enjoy it for even a second.


Your new stitch markers Looked like a necklace to me until I read the blog! The porch remodel looks promising but just seeing that drop off edge made me nervous (I'm afraid of heights) Looking forward to seeing the marriage window in place.
When my parents moved to FL. my mom had a similar drying rack in her yard. She prefered it over the electric dryer.
Disinfecting your AirBnB well for everyone's sake will be a chore. I made a bunch of masks from my quilt fabrics but no joy in doing so.


I feel the same way about the face masks. My daughter has been decorating the plain white fabric (old sheet) I've been using to make masks for our family members, but I haven't wanted to sew them for a while. I know there's a good reason for wearing them and I have no objection to doing so, but it bothers me that we need to because of the stupidity of so many people. Our county just moved from red to yellow status yesterday, meaning some stores can reopen and some rules are relaxed, and I'm still worried that it's going to bite us -- but I'm thankful that my state seems to have its act together compared to yours, and for that I'm sorry. I hope all of you stay safe -- and far away from the crazies!


I NEED to sew more masks, and I do not WANT to at all. Wonderful seeing that you've got guests in your loft. A little time away from All This sounds totally lovely right now.


I am in awe of those Hill Hoists! (and want one terribly badly!) My county "went to yellow" on Friday and on Thursday my wacked out neighbors "celebrated" with 50 of their their postage-stamp-sized front yard... into the wee hours. We might have even hoped for some Darwinism taking over sooner than later... lol.


Biggest. Dumpster. Fire. EVER. I'm just so sad and mad and . . . tired . . . over all this. (Sigh.) (And when I think that I'm SUPPOSED TO BE in Edinborough one month from now I just . . . can't.) Anyway. I can't wait to see your porch!!! That is going to be so awesome -- and something really cool to look forward to (in the midst of the wider cluster*$#% going on all around you). XOXO


Ha! Never heard of a Hills Hoist, but I've seen a lot of contraptions like that. I just have a straight line (well two) from the back of the patio out to a tree. Nothing like fresh-air dried sheets! Cute stitchmarkers too!! Excited to have that porch project finished!!!

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