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3TT: House & Home Edition

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- Our re-remodel/reclamation project is one of the things giving me life these days.


Subfloor! I'm going to have to go shopping for floor tiles soon.

2 -- The old porch railings were salvaged and re-purposed/installed as a safety railing in the kids' playhouse.


For some reason, that side had nothing. Junah actually jumped from there one day! (So far, Ali's avoided any trips to ER!!) (Knock on wood.)

3 -- Pastoral scenes from a Sunday afternoon at Ali's.


That's not their horse (there are actually two), but the field butts right up to their rear lot line.

BONUS: They may not have horses, but they've recently acquired...



Two kittens... the one pictured above is called Slippers, and the other was originally Claire, but Ginny changed it to Bounceball, which Ali says suits the kitty better -- and it may be a boy instead of a girl, anyway.

The chicks are all named Max. If they're boys, Maxwell or Maximilian; if girls, Maxine... and their cute little coop.

All subject to change.

And bonus-bonus... a couple other photos in my camera roll from that day.




Robby H.

Dang! Even your tree house is upscale, although I guess you had an expert build it. The tiny kitty is very cute, I'm guessing they aren't allowed to play with the new chickens tho? Looks like a good summer is underway in WI.


FUN!!! I love this post Vicki. The playhouse looks so good (but yikes with Jun jumping...). The new kitten(s) is (are) sweet and chickens!!! This is just such a happy post. And I can't wait to see what tiles you pick out for the floor.


Seems like your family is working hard to cheer you up. What type of flooring are you thinking of? The playhouse has held up well. Slippers is so cute! And chickens are great- Love the coop! Thanks for the extra pix of the grandies-always brings a smile to my heart.


That photo of the dandelion seed head was fabulous.


Beautiful photos of all the good things in your life right now. That playhouse is bomb, I would have loved something like that when I was a kid. And the chicken coop! Absolutely adorable. Your porch project is looking fabulous, too.


That is an A+ playhouse! The kitten shot made me make a little squeaky sound, too. Thank you for sharing some joy!


Your remodeling is fantastic, and that is going to be a lovely room! I would have loved a playhouse like that when I was a kid (and actually still would). That dandelion is one of my favorites also. Thanks for some great photos!


staying close to home can bring blessings ... thank you for sharing a few of yours! (and wow! it seems like Ali has energy to spare ... so many lives to care for. and grow up!)


That playhouse!! I am in love with it! (and that dandelion photo!! Wow!!)


You will all love the eggs! (Although it will be a few months.) We were able to pet our chickens and "tame" them, but that may not be something for kids to do. How fun to have so many new pets! The kids are just darling, as usual.


OMG Daniel used to jump out of the tree house into the snow! Yikes! Love all the work you're doing and watching your family life!

Jeannie Gray

That tree house is awesome!

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