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Mid-June Weekending

"Congratulations on being Liberal!"

So, our fabulous long-term Airbnb guests, Tara & Chris, are here for another week.

It's a long story (and not mine), but last weekend, quarantine complete, the couple traded places with her parents and headed to the remote (no internet) rural family farm to hang with their kids, while her parents had a weekend respite here.

Tara & Chris are a very friendly couple and we've chatted quite a bit so I knew that her mom had just retired after 35 years of teaching. There was a little overlap on Friday night when both couples were here, giving us the opportunity to meet the parents. The first thing I did was congratulate Tara's mom on her retirement, to which her dad responded by saying, "Congratulations on being Liberal!" and it just cracked me up.

Still cracks me up!

They live in one of the most conservative counties in the state (voting for the Republican presidential candidate in 19 of the last 20 elections), so he was unabashedly delighted to be among friends -- even if was just at the end of our street, because our county is also quite red (voting Republican in 17 of the aforementioned elections).


And I was going to share this Waterlogued photo of my first tomato blossoms for Eye Candy Friday... but it's only Thursday. It's Friday to me, though, so there you go.

Happy (early) weekend!




That's a really cool watercolor. Our town votes red even though MA is a blue state. Sometimes I feel very alone!


What a beautiful congratulations! :) I am grinning at his candor! Bravo to them!


His congratulations made my day (along with the tomato blossom)!


So it was a "congratulations for being a sane person in a sea of misguided people"? I love it!

I hope your tomatoes do well. Ours have been disappointing. One of our three plants just died, one has a few tomatoes but seems to have stopped putting out flowers, and one has a bunch of flowers but only one has turned into an actual tomato.


What a great story, Vicki! And a wonderful waterlogue photo, too. Happy weekend!

Robin F

I've always lived in a Blue state until I moved to OH and then to FL. In OH I lived in a blue county. It's scary to me to live in a red state now. What lovely Air BnB guests. Love the watercolor


My red state could beat your red state. LOL I love meeting other liberals (all of my local peeps are thus). It's fills the heart to see SLC murals of George Floyd, as well as local man (Bernardo Palacios), in memoriam!

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