Missing my mom today


How was your weekend? Mine was OK. Good. I got a few things done, got out of the house a couple of times, including to Goodwill (continuing quest for office stuff) where I saw this:


A big ol' rainbow right in the middle of the store... perfect for PRIDE Month!

Now that the carpet's been cleaned, I took a few more things down to The Office.


Kate's is "the pink room." Heh. The window-less room is mostly storage/my stuff now... and even though the whole ceiling is basically a light grid, I don't think I can work in there, especially with so much light in the other two spaces, so I have a little desk in the entry/common area. It's entirely a work in progress, all subject to change.

Meanwhile, another Saturday stop was at Home Depot to get paint for The Garden Room. The first stop was for swatches and for some floor leveling stuff that Rusty needed. The second stop was for paint (which might be applied today!!!), for the 2nd bag of floor leveling stuff because I didn't see that he wrote "2," and for a couple of pairs of sawhorses for The Office that were "in stock" according to the website.

Naturally, there weren't any sawhorses where they were supposed to be, so I stood in that spot while the paint was mixed and ordered them online for curbside pickup. I didn't really need them right that minute, but just as we were about to leave the parking lot, I had notification that my order was ready... so we swung around and picked them up.

Speaking of The Garden Room...


I do believe there will be times when sunglasses will be required. The paint we purchased is for the walls -- it'll still be yellow, but quite a bit paler than the old color.

The kids came over yesterday with their mama. We had a fun afternoon & evening, including a walk/ride to the little park at the end of our street.


It's a very small park -- no playground or anything -- more commemorative of the old cheese factory that used to be there (with a granite crock of cheese), and soon also to remember the first school teacher in our area (with a statue). The whole park was undergoing a complete re-do last fall and right in the middle of it all, a big storm wrecked the few remaining trees in the park and then winter arrived early and never left... so it was a bit of an eyesore all winter and spring, but finally new topsoil & seed mats have been spread and trees & decorative plants planted. We had fun reading all the inscriptions on benches and circle of bricks.


We came back and had a cookout, and then the kids had a bath. My supply of diapers was gone and Ali didn't have any with her, so I made an emergency run to Walgreens. The big kids asked if they could come along and I said yes without even thinking...

First, it took us a while to get going because I had to rearrange stuff in my car. Then, kids' booster seats installed and them buckled in, an ENORMOUS SPIDER was discovered in a little slot in Ginny's seat, followed by a little scream-crying panic (Ginny on the outside, me on the inside) while I disengaged her, and the seat, and dumped the spider out. I'm pretty sure it was a wolf spider and not a brown recluse, but to be honest I didn't examine very closely... shuddddderrrrrrr.


Finally, we arrived at our destination and it dawned on me what I'd done! Oh my god! A total brain fart, bringing them along with me, but thank goodness I had some extra masks in my car... Ginny's could have fit a little better. Thankfully, it was late and I think there was only one other customer in the store. We got the two things we went there for, plus three bubble blowers that weren't on the list, and headed back home. Sheesh.




This was all great until SPIDER!! Yikes!!! I am so not a fan of them! Wow!

(but I love the office space! and the porch!! Gorgeous!!)


The garden room is perfect for lots of plants! A simple trip just isn’t these days. Spiders,ugh!


That garden room is going to be great when you're craving sunlight in the middle of winter -- you can rename it the Vitamin D room!

Caffeine Girl

Love the rainbow display!
So nice that you can spend time with your grandchildren. So many of my friends are missing their usual summer trips to see theirs. I'd be happy to see one of my kids!


Those sunglasses!!!! Love them!


We used to go to a Goodwill (back in the good old pre-virus days) that arranged things by color. It was always so cheerful! The garden room is looking great, and I agree with Sarah, you will really appreciate it in the depths of winter. Sadly, there are no quick, simple errands anymore, especially with kids (but you all look great in your masks)!


I am so envious of your garden room. Beautiful. And those kids are growing like weeds! I might have screamed louder than Gin over the spider!! LOL


I don't even know where to begin here . . . but ohmygod YOUR GARDEN ROOM! I love it so, so much. What a great space, Vicki. I just want to hang out there all day! And ohmygod YOUR OFFICE. I'm so happy this is becoming a reality for you. XO And the kids. Oh, the kids. Thanks for sharing those sweet faces and stories here. :-)


I'm so glad you didn't post a picture of the spider! I greatly miss taking Jackie to the grocery store with me, we always had so much fun on that weekly excursion together. Things sure have changed!

Robby H.

That garden room is going to be envied far and wide. Especially if it doesn't come with a spider! That sounded like quite a lot of adventure for a short period of time.


A giant spider!? YIKES! What a frightening experience for poor Ginnie. The kids look so cute in their masks! The garden room has so much potential. I can't wait to see what you do with the space!


Oh I LOVE Kate's pink room! and the garden room (wearing sunglasses inside could be a good thing!) ... and yay for outings, but not for spiders!

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