Is it really the last Friday of June?
Doing my best

Hello, July

My calendars are already flipped to July, so... HELLO. And, also, you're looking OK in some respects. I just realized that, with regular days off + holidays + vacation, I won't be working a "normal" week until the last week of the month (and, as always but especially in summer, that's subject to change).

I rented a "beach" house on the lake-side of Door County in the middle of the month and am heading up with Kate & Al & the kids. Rusty & I took the kiddos on Sunday and gave them a preview.


I'm not gonna lie... it was Sunday, it was gorgeous out, and it was crowded -- sometimes, uncomfortably so -- but Ali lent us a secret weapon: a large pop-up screened gazebo! It was/we were terribly obnoxious about it, especially since the water level is high and the beach is not as big as it used to be, but hey! We muscled in, and it worked! The added benefit is that we had a place for sun breaks and didn't get sunburned!

When we dropped the kids off on the way home, I took a peek at my grandchickens!


They're getting so big, but still sounding like chicks.

Yesterday, I took a drive across the state with Kate. Her new art magazine, dovetail, debuts tomorrow and I rode shotgun to Chanhassen (a 'burb of Minneapolis) to pick it up. It was a full day of driving and, y'know, things being as they are we had lunch in the car in the parking lot at Culver's instead of a nice cafe lunch before heading back, but it was a nice day and even with gas & food, it was a solid $200+ saved. What else would we be doing?? (Well, I might be finishing my taxes, but p'shaw... I have a couple of weeks yet!)


There was weather! It was hot and my air conditioning was a little sketchy for a while, and there was rain, but mostly it was a lot of fun watching the sky all the way there and back.


I had prepared a nice little R A I N B O W box of yarn to take to the beach... an idea has been percolating for a while and I just had to scratch that itch! I didn't get started on it, nor did I really do anything while in the car yesterday, as planned... it turns out that doing crochet is not like riding a bicycle (at least not for me). I got the tiniest start last night, though, and we'll see. The baby blanket is still my #1 focus (I've finished Row 2, started Row 3), but I'm going to designate one day a week for at least a little crochet action.



Robby H.

I'm going to argue that the gazebo likely kept the kiddos more contained than they might have been otherwise and certainly helped keep people outside your "bubble" at a good social distance. As long as you weren't obnoxious about it and pulled our your Limberger sandwiches, probably just an average beach day. Those kids look like they are READY for a little lake house time. I'm excited for you.


The pop up gazebo is the perfect weapon for social distancing on the beach. I’d love it just for sun protection. Looking forward to seeing your crocheted rainbow project!


I'm so happy for you about that upcoming trip with the kids! I love our vacations with our kids and I know you will have a wonderful time! Dale and I booked our week in Maine for the end of July and I'm very happy about that.


That gazebo is a great idea, and I'm excited for your time at the lake. I love that cloud shot, your rainbow box of yarn, and Kate's new art magazine. July is looking up!


I am excited for you all! What fun that will be! And, that gazebo... genius idea!

Caffeine Girl

Your Door County day trip looks like it was a complete success. Such happy little ones! I am envious that you are going back.
Dovetail sounds fascinating. I will definitely order a copy!


Perhaps if everyone went to the beach with a pop-up gazebo, they'd do a better job of keeping their distance and the beaches wouldn't have to be closed! I think it's a genius idea, and I'd certainly use one as I hate to roast in the sun.


Trying to catch up on your posts!! OMG I love hte pop up gazebo for the beach - fab idea and I wish I had one (since I'm not supposed to go in the sun anyway). The little kids (and the big one - Rusty) look like they had a grand time. I bet the water was icy though (kids never seem to mind that). Your rainbox box is fabulous. And crochet!!!! I'm excited about Dovetail. I think it is something that Fletch would really like too.


the pop-up gazebo is a great idea for both keeping your distance and staying in the shade. all the hearts for those little toes in the water!

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