Hit the ground running
Hello, July

Is it really the last Friday of June?

I'm thankful that the weekend is upon us... and I have Monday off next week, so three days to hopefully unplug a bit and realign. I'll have the kids one of those days and would love to grab some toys and head to a secluded beach... we'll see. Whatever we end up doing, they never fail to recharge me!

It was lovely and reassuring to read all the comments about our Airbnb here, on IG, and on FB. I pour a lot more than just sweat into that space, and find myself channeling my mother quite often, too. We met our current guests yesterday (with appropriate physical distance), and they love the place (wondering if we have as many trees in our back yard as there are in all of Chicago...). Then I had a reservation come in last night for a long weekend next month -- our second HONEYMOONERS and I just couldn't be happier about that. I'm already thinking of all the ways to make their stay EXTRA SPECIAL!

Some random photos/thoughts:


We recently added a few more lights to the pergola array and extended it to both the garage & the house. I also added some fabric to the top of the pergola to filter the sun, mostly; the jury is still out on that.


Those lights really help to illuminate The Marriage Window area! Rusty made a cool hinged screen for the half of the window that opens, so we won't have to worry about bugs (hm, I still need to wash the outside of that window...)


We spotted a really cool moth the other day. I did a very technical Google search for "black and white triangular moth," or something like that (heh, most moths are "triangular," aren't they?)... anyway, it’s haploa lecontei, or Leconte’s haploa, first described in 1832! Its range is basically east of the Mississippi, from Nova Scotia to Georgia. The markings can vary quite a bit... all gorgeous! I don't remember ever seeing one before.

Is it time for a blanket update? Haha.


One more section of horizontal stripes and another house to go before Row 2 is finished! I'd better pick up the pace, though. It would be nice to have this done pretty close to when the baby's due. I just "confirmed" the date with Ali; she says she's pretty confident with Sept. 5th... but Mother Nature threw a curve ball so it could also be two weeks either way. 🤣

Have a good weekend, y'all.




Love the lights, the marriage window, the blanket, your Airbnb, and even the moth! Enjoy your three-day weekend and the kiddos!

Robby H.

What a lovely place for honeymooners in your sweet "Perch". It's sure to create extra special memories for them. And that window is, well, everything. Have a great weekend!


I, too, love those lights! (and I can't wait for the Jury to Weigh in on that fabric covering!!) I am smiling at your hostessing joy with your AirBnB! Go you! Happy LONG weekend !


I just love the pergola and the lights and BOY do they EVER show off that marriage window! Have a great weekend, Vicki -- full of realigning and recharging! (And that blanket is going to be so awesome.) XO


That pergola looks heavenly! I've thought about adding a sliding fabric shade to the top of ours but I don't think it would help much with the sun - that comes from the west in the afternoon as it goes down. Yeah, we put the top boards the wrong way so they don't help at all with shade!


I hope you and the grands have a fun time whatever you do together(DUH) don't you always. Love the lights. Is the fabric on the pergola sunbrella or some such fabric? It looks so inviting. I wonder if that moth eats wool, I just learned that only some moths eat wool , who knew?
Stay safe.


The pergola looks like the perfect place to spent a pleasant summer evening, with some drinks, some snacks, and some relaxing music playing. Enjoy!


You have a lovely outdoor space to enjoy in good weather. I am in shock it's the end of June. I can already tell the light is waning! waaaa


Oh I love your pergola - looks so inviting. And the Marriage Window!!! (it does deserve capped letters!!) Your little moth is so cute! Some of those creatures are truly beautiful. Your blanket is just great Vicki (though I almost get the heebie-jeebies thinking about the ends - lol). I can't believe another Grand will be here soon!

Caffeine Girl

Wow, that does look like an amazing Air Bnb!


In my dreams, I'm spending a quiet week or two in the Artist's Perch and enjoying the sweet Wisconsin summer light ... some day....

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