Oh, Monday...
"Congratulations on being Liberal!"

Little Pink Houses for You & Me

Well, I haven't actually knit a pink one yet (but I will)...

...and they're neither for you nor for me, but they are LITTLE HOUSES and they're so freakin' cute.

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting and reading... 


Safe At Home Blanket... I'll be knitting this for a while, but I'm finding my groove and loving it. I wish it was portable, and I need to find a way to manage/wrangle the 12 colors (many of which have multiples), but otherwise good.

So excited was I to share today that I took an up-to-the-minute photo this morning!


I don't mind knitting these skies at all!



Pretty much the same as last week! On audio: Between The World and Me, which should be finished soon. Pages: Wild Game, which is definitely a bit of a page-turner.




Ha! I thought of that song as soon as I first saw the little houses pattern on Kym's blog. Your houses look great (and you may need to add a pink one). I started Wild Game last night and am enjoying! I may curl up for a nap this afternoon (YAY) and read a bit more of it.


I LOVE your houses, and they look even better with skies! Looking forward to seeing the neighborhood grow. I'm glad you're finding Wild Game a page-turner!

Robby H.

Those houses! Squeeeee!


Oh wow, I love your houses! It would look cute as cushions as well. Everyone seems to be reading Wild Game; I will have to look for a copy. Happy knitting!


Those houses get cuter and cuter and I definitely think you need a pink one! So glad you're enjoying Wild Game as well as Between the World and Me.


What a fantastic neighborhood you have there! :)



Those houses are so fun. Maybe you need a pink one. So glad the sky isn't giving you fits. It's a beautiful day in your neighborhood. (with apologies to Mr. Rogers)


I just love Between the World and Me. I've read it a few times and find it to be a revealing story, a necessary book. Your little houses project is so comforting! It may be fiddly but it is a project to make the soul happy!

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