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Mid-June Weekending

Well, it was a pretty great weekend, but man... even a 3-day weekend flies by in no time!


On Thursday night, I assembled the FINNVARD trestle that I'd ordered a while back, and put together my (non-electric) Fiber Artist Supply Winding Station (sans meter)! Happy stimulus to me!! I'd had the ball winder and swift for quite a while, so needed only the trestle table and attachment pieces from Fiber Artist Supply, and is it ever nice to have a "station." It looks nice, too.

On Friday morning, Kate & I picked up keys to The Office, and then drove down to Kenosha to pick up some mailing supplies; we made a quick stop at IKEA on the way back, and then returned to The Office to drop it all off.

We've signed a lease on a small office space just down the hill from home -- located in a cool mid-century building that was originally the Farmers & Merchants Bank (where I had my first savings account!). It's two rooms + a large entry area + a private bath. Kate will definitely be utilizing the space for an office; I'll be using it for additional work space -- for specific projects, for things that I just don't have room to randomly set up/tear down at home (namely, knitting machines), and for some storage/organization. Subject to change.

On Saturday, we went up to De Pere for another 8+ mile bike ride on the trail. Kate is pretty motivated these days, and I'm glad... it rubs off.

We headed back to the office and assembled her new SKARSTA adjustable sit/stand desk and, wow, is that ever slick (and, BTW, at a much better in-store price).

Sunday was a busy day, beginning with washing the windows in the expanded Garden Room/Porch project -- especially outside, while the scaffolding was still there. Originally, I was going to do it all, but then I stepped upon the decidedly-not OS*A-approved scaffold... and it was a little springy, and then I looked down, and then I needed to turn a corner, and...


...there's Rusty doing the outside!


AFTER! I did the inside. We're inching closer!


Rusty finished up a little painting and then took the scaffold down. All that's left do do on the outside are the cedar shingles on the porch-side wall, which I expect he'll finish up today. He can move on to finishing the interior, then, and it should all be in good shape by the time the flooring arrives.

Around lunch time, I ran out to Ali's and grabbed the kids for a picnic at the park!


Junah picked the spot -- a sunny area at the top of a little hill -- and we had chicken tenders, carrots w/dill dip, lots of fruit snacks, and chocolate graham crackers. They had a blast playing on the playground and crossing bridges. Ginny & Malina fell asleep on the way back to our house and had a nice (needed) snooze, and then we headed over to my neighborhood park! And after supper, we went on a little bike ride! I think I broke my Fitbit record for "steps" yesterday!


Junah lost his second tooth! And this time he didn't swallow it. :)


Gin & me... just because. <3

In the evenings, I continue knitting houses, and have begun the second row:


I was pleasantly surprised to find some nice sidewalk art this morning to help show it off.


I hope you had a good weekend, too!




What a terrific weekend! I love reading posts where it seems things are looking up and full of wonderful things, and yours has it all. That room, those kids, and those houses - just great!


Your new garden room is shaping up nicely and those windows. I do have a bit of fiber envy regarding the yarn winder. Whoa is that ever sweet! I could really use a yardage meter for my handspun.


What a packed weekend, and so much fun!!! Go you on bike riding! The porch, your houses and the kids have me won over...every single time. I love seeing the marriage window - such a pretty piece. Jun swallowed the first tooth he lost????


You packed a LOT into your weekend! The porch is looking fabulous and those grandkids are looking way too big! I continue to be completely smitten with your knitted houses.


The porch room is coming together so nicely. Looks like you'll have wonderful light in there! And look at those big smiles from the grandkids! I'm guessing everyone (you included) slept well after that day of fun!


I am so, So, SO excited about The Office!!!! :-) And what a grand weekend you had, Vicki! So much GREAT stuff packed into three quick days. XO

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

I absolutely adore your renovated porch! It will be so nice to have such a gorgeous view of the outdoors without having to deal with with bugs and the elements. And your special window is the icing on the cake So perfect! I can't wait to see it once the flooring and finishing touches are done.

Robby H.

That's a lotta weekend in 3 days! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Susanne Scheurwater

Look at that Ginny! That smile and those eyes...I can't get enough of pics of her. Sounds like a great weekend to me. My grands are older now and although they would enjoy a picnic, it would take a food delivery service to get enough food together for teenage/young adult males!!!


I'm so excited about that porch too! You are going to live out there! Hello to those kiddos...so fun to watch! Can't wait to see the office!


Your porch rooms is looking awesome! (and those kiddos... they are just so cute!)

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