Unraveled Wed/Thu: Safe At Home


Haha. For some reason, I feel the need to share all the details of this project.

I ripped out the block of 6-row horizontal stripes and re-worked it as a 5-row block:


And I like it MUCH better! The blanket will have (and keep) a much nicer shape and the overall texture of the fabric will be more even.

I hope to hum along with this project over the weekend... we'll see. There is lots to do, including turnover of the Airbnb -- our lovely guests formerly of NYC and soon NJ are leaving today, and we have a couple from Chicago arriving on Wednesday for almost two weeks. After that it's a couple of the more typical weekenders until August. I'm not really minding the longer stays, especially since the cleaning protocol is amped up (among other things, Airbnb has provided me with a 38-page cleaning guide/checklist) (they don't know that I learned from The Queen of Clean, aka MOM). Heh.


It's not the greatest photo, but our little Catalpa tree is LOADED with flower buds this year!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!



Five stripes look great and that catalpa is gorgeous! Happy Weekend!

Caffeine Girl

Glad to hear you are getting visitors.
On Sunday, Keith and I are driving to Door County to stay in our usual VBRO cabin. We totally trust the owner's to clean.
That blanket is darling. Isn't that intarsia? That's a technique that scares me!


I grew up with a catalpa tree in the yard and always loved those string beans, looks like you will have a lot of them. Documenting the blanket a lot will be helpful for you going forward and I think you made a good call with reducing those horizontal stripes.


whew, catching up is hard, and it's becoming my way of life these days! I LOVE that you're sharing all the details of the blanket. I will never in a MILLION years knit anything that fiddle-y and I am so enjoying celebrating your joy as you work the blocks. I'm also glad to hear that your AirBnB is getting used. The new space with Kate sounds amazing. and of course, I always love the photos with the littles (when we do start calling them the bigs? ;-)


I like that reworked stripe section very much!

(and one hopes that every Airbnb host had a Queen of Clean Mom... but for those who didn't, oy... lol)


That's ... a lot of pages of cleaning instructions! I guess they don't rely on everyone having a fastidious mom who teaches them to clean properly. Enjoy your weekend and keep having fun with that blanket!

Robby H.

I'm all in on "Blanket Watch" the series! Glad your AirB&B is getting some visitors, especially the extended stay part. It is encouraging to learn there is an extensive protocol for cleaning with them since we've been trying to decide if we want to do some sort of weekend away in lieu of our now cancelled travel plans.


Good thing the AirB&B is being used so much. Bad thing-extra hard cleaning to be done. Are you checking temps on guests when they arrive?(just kidding). Have fun creating houses. I'm trying to finish a shawl with beading and it is definately winning.


Wow!! 38 pages of cleaning protocol is a lot...but I guess it's also important, especially for those who were not raised by a Queen of Clean! Your houses are just so darn cute Vicki, but as I've said before - better you than me! LOL Hope your weekend was fabulous!


Oh, YES! The stripes look Just Right now! Good call! :-) I'm so intrigued by your catalpa tree! It's just gorgeous. I don't think I've ever actually seen on in real life??? Not sure how that could be, but yours seems a total marvel to me! And I'm so glad your AirBNB is working out so well now. I'm sure it's a welcome oasis for all who stay. XO

Margene Smith

The catalpa tree in my neighborhood about killed me with its aromatic scent. Your little houses are coming together nicely. The 5 stripes are a perfect accompaniment to the houses. Maybe they could be a designated neighborhood park!

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