Unraveled Wednesday: The 16th House

3TT: Down under

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

1 -- Apparently, there's something intermittently beeping in the basement (down under)... but I haven't heard it, until last night! Apparently, it beeps every :15 or so... until last night! Gah. I was down there for a good long time... long enough to yell profanities upstairs about how of course it's not beeping NOW!

Trying to distract myself from the ick-factor of the basement while I waited, I took some photos.


I don't even know where that chair came from or if it'll ever get fixed; whether any of that is "up to code" (or even what all that is); I do know that Rusty needs to get after a whole lotta cobwebs. Ew. 

2 -- I had a lovely little sit-down in The Garden Room last night. I was sitting in an old wicker rocking chair that Rusty dug up from another part of the basement. I don't know where that one came from, either. He cleaned it up nicely, but it needs a little repair... and some new cushions.


It's not a brand new view, as this was an open porch for years, but it wasn't one I normally took in while seated, relaxed, with a beer. It's going to be a lot of fun to see how it changes with the seasons. The floor tile delivery has been delayed again... I can't wait to get that & the baseboards installed (I saw them in the basement, painted and ready to go!).

3 -- A cat picture. I don't post many of those! 


I love how Duncan stretches out his front legs.

That's all pretty random, but it's all I've got! Happy Thursday.




Your basement looks remarkably like my basement! Loads of cobwebs which is why I don't go down there - ever. Duncan is adorable and that garden room view - you are right it will be great to see the seasons change. And snow fall - that will be wonderful but hopefully not for a long time.


I really, really am SO envious of your Garden Room. It is a beautiful space and just looks so peaceful. I think curled up on one of the chairs with a blanket come Fall will be just wonderful (great place to nap!!). But ewwww - those cobwebs. I would NOT be going into the basement - lol.


Well hello Duncan! And ugh...I have a stone basement that I enter about once or twice a year. Fortunately the only thing in it is the furnace! I know there's something waiting down there to scare me!

Robby H.

Duncan clearly needs to see his fans more often. :- )

Um, the scariest thing in my unfinished basement is the never ending laundry, but it is accented with cobwebs.

Jeannie Gray

The basement here in this house is pretty scary too. I do my absolute best not to have to go down there. Your beeping reminded me of our old house. We'd had some work done on our septic tank and the float had gotten moved just enough so that every time we flushed a toilet, the water would hit the float and it would make the alarm chirp - like a smoke detector battery going bad. It took us months to figure out what it was. Hope your beeping was something simple to fix.
Btw, I LOVE your garden room. What a gorgeous view!


Our frustrating beeping in the basement is usually the batteries on the CO detector or the smoke alarm dying, and our basement looks a lot like yours. I kind of dread trying to sell this house someday as I'm sure there is a lot that's not up to code. But you have photogenic cobwebs and the view from the garden room is lovely!


Your cobweb pictures gave me a flashback to one of the houses we looked at before we bought ours. It had been beautifully redone on the upper floors -- but the basement looked like a scene from a horror film! I can't imagine why anyone would put a house on the market and leave their entire basement filled with cobwebs. I hope you're able to find and fix the source of the beeping so you can stay out of the basement -- the porch room is a much better view!


I've had basements like yours- the nicer ones were better and used a lot. I miss having a basement-none in FL. due to the high water table. Maybe the beeping is from a long forgotten electronic device. or maybe it isn't in the basement at all but just sounds like it. Good luck finding the source.

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