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Another chapter: Spain > Peru

My sister & her family are moving from Valencia, Spain, to Lima, Peru, today! They had about a week's notice, though they've been preparing (purging) for a good long while, and all she knew when I last spoke with her (on Saturday) was that they were leaving from Madrid... she didn't even know what time or flight or airline, just that they'd be flying out of Madrid on Friday.

Yesterday, at work, I had to restart my computer and this was my start screen:


I almost always love these shots -- recently, I had one at home that was sheep going through a hedgerow in New Zealand or Australia. Anyway, the blurb in the middle of this one says, "Lonely lighthouse on some remote sea-swept shore? Not at all -- we're visiting the edge of a capital city..."


I sent it in a message to Ann and told her that I can't wait to go find that lighthouse with her... someday, when I can safely travel again and be welcome in another country hopefully soon. I'm pretty sure that Peru will be my next big destination. I have no idea if they've arrived or en route or even if they got on a plane in Spain. They're troopers, though, and if nothing else they've learned to roll with the punches and pop right back up -- their first expat experience in Brazil was the best training ground for that!




Another grand adventure!! I hope everything goes smoothly for them and they can settle in and enjoy a new country! They are braver than I would be....


Your sister and her family are troopers of the highest order! I whine about going back and forth from NJ and MD, but they move from Spain to Peru with a week's notice. Like Vera said, they are far braver than I am. Hope you get to find the lighthouse soon!


Ooo! How exciting!! Is Peru on the same time zone? Or closer? I hope their travels were good and they are safely in Peru!


They are not only braver than I, they are calmer. I had to move with 3 wks. notice and it was so stressful. (and I was only moving 10 miles. I can't imagine moving the distances they move. Hopefully they will settle in and move on. I wonder if they will be in quarantine for 2 wks. now you have a new place to visit. Machu picchu looks so pretty.

Robby H.

Safe travels to them. Happy travel dreaming to you until you can go.


I am in awe of their experiences, resiliency and flexibility! I hope Peru is wonderful for them!


What a time to be moving to a new country! I hope everything goes smoothly and safely for them, and I hope you're able to visit sooner rather than later!


I hope they are safely in their new home and that all goes smoothly for them from now on out! They are the epitome of "go with the flow"!

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