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Do you want to download your Ravelry files?

So, Ravelry is a problem right now and they're not doing anything to substantially address or fix it for users who are having problems with the redesign of the site. I'm a long-time Raveler (user #208!), so I'm very sad about that... I have a lot of information stored over there, and have made a lot of pattern purchases over the years.

There is enough concern over the future of the site that it's been suggested that people might want to download their files. That might be a knee-jerk reaction, but after the recent Bluprint/Craftsy scare...

I took the suggestion. And it was DAUNTING to face 25 pages of downloaded pattern files!

This morning, I learned about a Chrome extension called Download Them All that makes it much easier & faster to download a lot of files. Check out @kralalien on Instagram -- she has an IG highlight with some information, and this post was also informative:

There are some other downloading options mentioned in the comments of that post, if the Chrome extension is not for you.

Meanwhile, I downloaded all 25 pages of pattern files (even all the foreign language versions) in minutes.

One note of caution, however: Make sure you don't have Chrome configured to "ask every time" about where to save downloaded files. Because it.will.ask.you.every.single.time. I didn't see that at first... and shutting down my computer didn't even work to stop it, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the extension. I opened in tabs & downloaded 5 pages the first time (after learning my lesson), then 10 and 10. So fast.

Edited to add: An informative article by Silvia Maggi - How Rebranding Cost Ravelry the Trust of Their Community.

Edited again to add: A blog post today from Jess, one of Ravelry's cofounders: A Letter from Jessica.

Hoping for the best!!




I find this whole thing with Ravelry really disturbing. I'm not on there much and rarely ever in the forums so it hasn't impacted me personally but their response is very very bad and that bothers me a lot. I've always been proud of being Raveler #31 but I wonder if they have hurt themselves beyond repair now.


I hope you are wrong about the Ravelry staff doing nothing to fix the problems. I have no reason to think that is the case as they have asked people to give them information and have already made a number of changes. The introduction of the new layout was handled very poorly and made a lot of people angry, but I am believing/hoping that they are going to improve things going forward. I have been using the new rav and have had no problems whatsoever and there seem to be a large number of others doing the same. I don't necessarily like the way it looks but it doesn't make me sick. I am very sorry for anyone it does make sick. I also don't think it's helpful to refer to Ravelry as a "shit show". Since it is a free site and the people working there give every appearance of working hard to fix the problems, I am trying to keep a positive attitude.


Thanks for the information! I've always thought Ravelry was just about perfect for keeping track of projects and patterns, but no longer. Like Carole, I'm rarely on there, but the whole new design is too cutesy for me, harmful to too many, and their response is less than adequate. I wonder about the need to "fix" something that didn't seem to be broken.


I am feeling better about things after reading Jess's blog post yesterday, but I am still troubled by how long it took to get a response from the Ravelry team acknowledging the problem. It may be too little too late for the people who have left, to be honest. I have not had any health issues from the new site (though I certainly believe people have) and thus am not rushing to download everything, but I have started adding my designs to another site so that those who can't or don't want to use Ravelry anymore can still buy my patterns if they want to.


I am so disappointed in how all this has been handled. So disappointed. Even Jess' post yesterday was lacking. For people who expected understanding and acceptance, they surely have little to share with others. I had been wondering how to get all.the.patterns! so thank you for the link!

Robby H.

I've sort of drifted away from Ravelry due to increased time quilting, but I pop in to look at patterns, etc. I was taken quite by surprise at the changes, the reaction to the changes and, well, everything. I've always saved any patterns I really wanted on my own computer because, things change. But, your tips are helpful and I probably will need to go do a quick perusal of my library to make sure I have what I need. Hope they can regroup, it's been such an awesome site for a long time.

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