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Doing my best

For months, I've had this refrain/response popping into my head on the regular: I'm not doing it right.

Whatever it is... I'm surely not doing it right.

I'm not staying home right, not going to work right, not reading the right books, not following the right people, not engaging enough, not posting the right things, not saying it right or loud enough or to the right people, not shopping right, not making enough masks... or I did the right thing but now it's not the right thing. Ugh... yes, I feel paralyzed at times!

I am constantly reminding myself -- way more than usual -- to not worry about what anyone else thinks or what anyone else is doing.

I'm doing my best. I keep reminding myself of that, too. ((sigh)) It's so obvious that not everyone is doing their best, though, y'know? Starting at the top. Too many people are being selfish, rude, and aggressively angry.

It's crushing. It's hard to feel good about Things. Anything.

One thing that helps is continuing regular, automatic monetary support to organizations that I believe in, including ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Joe Biden. And donations elsewhere when I can.

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I feel like I'm doing that right! It gives me a glimmer of hope, even as we seem to be watching it all burn down around us.

OK. Well, I needed to get that out.

See you tomorrow.



Robby H.

The important question sometimes is, "Am I doing this right for me?" Because what's right for you might not be right for me. Partly this is true because we might not need or be able to end up at the same place. Besides, you seem to be doing an awesome job at the family stuff, and no one else can have the same impact there. As for some people not doing their best, they aren't even considering trying, IYKWIM. Vote!


So well said. I have been feeling and doing very much the same.


I feel ya on all of this. I make monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and NPR. I'd like to start making monthly contributions to a group that helps Black women with education, I'm doing research on that now. We can all make a difference.


While I don't "know" you, I'm pretty confident in saying you have done a lot of things right and continue to do so. I only have to look at your family, your creativity, your projects, and yes, even your concern that you might not be doing things right to know that you care and are doing your best. I think a lot of people could do better at some basic things (staying home vs going to the bar, wearing a mask vs refusing to, etc.) but you are not among those people.


It's hard to feel like we're doing things that we should be doing (and doing them correctly) when there are so many examples around us of people clearly doing the wrong thing -- and that starts at the top. Those of us who care about our fellow humans are all doing our best, I think. And in fact, I think you're doing more than most. Are you staying home and away from others most of the time? Are you wearing a mask when you need to be around others? Are you taking care of yourself? Few of us are in a position to make a very tangible difference (we're not all virologists or vaccine developers!), but many of us doing what we can -- doing our best -- will have a cumulative effect.


Remember the old saying-Don't let the turkeys get you down! The unsettling behaviors and attitudes in the country today and the isolation due to Covid-19 have made it difficult for me to stay positive. I find myself getting teary over unknown (to me) stimuli. You are doing so much for your family and the organizations you support. It is enough, it is the best you can accomplish at this time. Give yourself some slack in the expectations. It's time to hug those grandkids. We're here for you - at a safe distance


Oh my. It is so hard to feel like you are doing the right things when everything around you is going down the toilet. This has been a rough week for me. BUT...looking at you and your family and reading your thoughts, I can confidently say that you ARE doing the right things Vicki. Keep at it!


Sounds and looks to me as if you are A-ok! I'm hoping we can get back on track after the November election, that is if Trump doesn't get us all killed before the inauguration.


Oh, you are so doing it right. By doing your best.
(I am so paralyzed right now. I think I'm going to follow your lead.)


Thank you, Vicki - I needed to read this today. and yeah, like the others say, I'd agree wholeheartedly that you ARE doing your best AND doing it right. Hugs!

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