Happy Tuesday

Here's a little sunshine for your day! I hope it helps you as much as it's been helping me. (This one has been dressing herself and she is all about the hand-knits!!):


I had posted this image on IG the other day, but it was cropped and, REALLY, this is one that needs to see IN FULL, tip-to-toe!

You're so very welcome.

Also posted on IG over the weekend were a few photos of the "new" chair that I found for The Garden Room:


It's an old medical lift chair... the Adjustable Walkaway. You can see a bit of the mechanics in the photo above.


But this is a better photo of the workings. Hopefully, if you needed this chair for medical purposes, your right hand, elbow & shoulder were fully functioning! Haha. It's super comfy and I love the orange Naugahyde®!

Of course, I was supposed to be doing taxes instead of running around looking for chairs. And, of course, after I actually found a chair, I had to rearrange! And here it is in the room:


I'm so happy. I had my weekly +/- video chat with Annie from there on Sunday morning. The sun was shining through the trees behind me, giving me quite the glow... she said I looked like the Virgin Mary!

Well, I did get taxes done -- including Maddy's (which meant that I also got to chat with her) -- and I'll be busy packing up & mailing them tomorrow, along with getting the house ready for sitters, and shopping & packing for our few days in Door County, so here's some Unraveling for your Tuesday:


I was quickly running out of my favorite pinks, and even though I wasn't going to buy any new yarn for this project... I bought some new yarn for this project. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to stop in at/patronize my LYS after all these months. I'm not 100% on that new almost-neon color... but used sparingly and/or in combination? I'm warming up to it. One argument for not sewing this up as I go is the ability to rearrange the rows to balance the colors, if needed. Or maybe I should just not worry about it! I told Ali that I was thinking of outlining the windows on a couple of houses where the contrast is not that great and she said that I could if I really wanted to, but (...side eye...) didn't think it was necessary! Haha.



The house-sitters might get to enjoy the first ripe tomatoes!!




Gotta love a girl that wears a hand-knit hat in the summer, especially when it's worn her way and with a stellar smile! Love the garden room, more houses, and hope you have a great time in Door County!


She is stylin! LOVE it so much, and good for you all for letting her choose her own clothes. I was NOT that cool of a mom, I'll admit. The blanket is looking terrific and I agree with Ali, outlining those windows is not necessary.


Malina is such a darling!! What a pretty smile and I love that she is picking out her own clothes and dressing herself. I still want to come out and sit in the Garden Room with a drink and knit and chat with you. I think there are a bunch of us who want to do that! The blanket is coming along so nicely. It looks fabulous. Have a wonderful trip and there should be ripe tomatoes when you come home!

Robby H.

Your model looks so happy she would make anything look good. I'm still loving this blanket, but also thinking that the color balancing is kind of "new subdivision" and I feel like you're more creating a funky, gentrifying neighborhood where artists would live and express themselves. Have a great trip!


I love all your grands AND Malina is my style goddess. Gosh. Also, thank you for helping me see the brilliance in sewing the rows together after they're done. I think it all looks fantastic now, but flexibility is nice. ENJOY your time away. your house sitters are in for a treat!!


That smiling face! Too cute! (and I love how your porch is coming along!!)


She is styling!! Malina knows her audience! Thanks for sharing. I love your new chair- I'd love to find one like that. The housing development is growing nicely- maybe you can tone down the pink depending on what it is next to. If not there's always 'tea dye". Enjoy your time away.

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