3TT: Down under
Happy Tuesday


I'm sure I've said it before, but Friday seems to take forever to get here when my day off is on Monday rather than the usual Wednesday. And I just realized that next Friday, I'll already be on Day 3 of a little vacation -- part of it at home and part of it in Door County! Yahoo! I'm especially happy that we'll have a house-/cat-sitter again while we're gone.



The 16th house is done, and the 17th will be a "border" house and that spells the end of Row 3! Yahoo (again)! I'll get started on that this evening.

Tomorrow is designated "crochet day," but I have to get our taxes out of the way first (yeah, I know).

Happy Weekend!




That is a lovely pink house under a stormy sky! It's probably no consolation, but I'm also finishing up taxes. Back in April I figured out that we owed everybody so I was in no rush to pay them before we had to. Happy Weekend (once taxes are mailed)!


Oh yuck to taxes!! So glad we have someone do ours (and so glad we did get a refund). That little Pink House - LOVE!!


Have a nice weekend Vicki! I start Mondays off next week for the summer! Woo Hoo!!!


Our taxes have been done since March but I only wrote the big fat check yesterday. Glad it's done, anyway. Happy Weekend!


Happy Little Vacation! (And, yeah. With the taxes. Even with a several months extension, I only just filed ours. Proving that NO MATTER WHAT, I will be a last-moment filer. Oh well!) Enjoy the time off! XO


I hope the taxes are done and were relatively easy. It's always a relief to get them done, and I'm thankful we did ours very early this year! I hope that next Friday -- your vacation Friday -- gets here a lot faster.


Here's to your vacation coming quickly, but first, a lovely weekend, more pretty views, a beer or two, and plenty of time to knit and crochet!


Enjoy your trip to Door County. Who are you going with?
I admire your commitment to the house project- I would have given up after the first row.


Have fun in Door County!! (and taxes... oh boy! I love all the procrastinators here! Ha!)

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