Happy Tuesday


Wow. It's really the 23rd of July already, isn't it?! What a crazy summer/year.

We had a great few days in Door County!


There was a whole lotta fun in the sun & surf. We stayed at a waterfront cottage near Bailey's Harbor and it was just about perfect.


The front yard was basically a sandbox with the beach beyond, so the kids were in heaven! We had a small campfire on the beach every night except one (because it was too windy) and ate lots of roasted (or not) marshmallows & s'mores. The day that was too windy for a fire was apparently perfect for para-/kite-surfing and sailboarding and it was a blast watching them go back and forth -- some were cautious & just learning, others were much more experienced & the tricks were thrilling -- often they'd be 15 or 20 feet in the air and we wondered... What if they just didn't come down?? They always did, of course, sometimes with a great big splash and/or without their board. It was very entertaining.


We were pretty hunkered down and only needed to venture out a few times -- to pick up a pizza, find some firewood, grab more marshmallows & chocolate bars, visit the local yarn shop... y'know, the important stuff! I spotted Whit's Knits on the first drive down the main drag and knew that I'd have to stop by at some point... which I did on Saturday, and I found another pink yarn that I liked! The shop owner, Whitney, was very friendly and though the yarn selection is small, it was all very good, and there were a number of other crafty items from needle-felting to portable looms and even some crafts for kids.

I had plenty of projects along, of course! I had the blanket, both crochet projects, and I was even prepared with yarn & needles for Jün & Gin, but I actually sat down only once after everyone had gone to bed to do a little knitting... a few quiet moments in my room.

I'm back at the blanket since we returned and after I knit a couple of skies and do a little sewing, Row 4 will be done!


Getting close to the half-way mark!

I hope you've had a good week. I have a lot of catching up to do!!




Oh what fun pictures! Everyone looks so happy and content - full of laughter and having fun. Looks like that setting agrees with everyone! The blanket is coming along so nicely Vicki - that will be a treasure for sure.

Susanne Scheurwater

Great pics but that one of my favourite girl with her Mom is incredible!!!! She has to have the best smile...it lights up her ENTIRE face!!! What I wouldn't give to have her smile like that around me...what a sweetie. Glad you had a nice time and little time to "unwind"...if nothing else.

Robby H.

Sometimes you can tell how good a vacation was by the knitting that didn't get done. And by the need to re-stock S'mores ingredients. Looks like your fiber neighborhood hasn't suffered too much from the work slow down. It's still the cutest thing!


So glad you got away! We are in Maine right now and between the virus and Dale's recovery it's a VERY different sort of vacation but it's been good for us, too.


Welcome home! What a fun adventure...those kids!! :-)


The joy just radiates off of these photos -- I can tell that as much as you enjoyed yourself, the kiddos enjoyed it even more! Sounds like a perfect vacation to me (we used to go to the Jersey shore when I was little kid, but we never got s'mores!).


Your pictures of the kids are home are always great but Door County seems to bring out the happiness in everyone! I'm glad you all had such a good time (and I'm envious of the s'mores and yarn shop)!


Having that much peaceful fun with family must have relaxed everyone! What a great location. The kids are gorgeous and growing so fast. Family memories of fun during this unsettling time.


Sounds like a great vacation! I'm loving watching you build that blanket. I look forward to seeing what it looks like finished.

Caffeine Girl

Door County is awesome! And you live so close! It looks like you had a great time with the grands. I thought that Whit's Knits had a good selection--especially considering that it is small.
You made some great memories for those kids!


I have a lot of catching up to do, too - and I just love seeing your littles (and their mama) and that beautiful WIP. ONLY you could make a blanket with a gazillion ends look like something I might do in this lifetime :-)

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