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Unraveled Wednesday: Pink Windows

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading,.. 


I'm on Row 4 of the Safe At Home Blanket.


This was as of Tuesday morning.


I love how color plays... the same pink was used for the windows of each house.


I recently took delivery of a kit from Briar Rose Fibers for Andrea Mowry's The Shift cowl, which I will definitely be making, but I'm intending a more immediate use for this to finish the Safe At Home "audition" that I started back in April. I used the leftovers from my Nightshift shawl to start that, but needed just a bit more variety.

SAH audition

I want to make that into a little cushion and I have a recipient in mind.


I'm not, really.




Your houses are just THE MOST charming things!!! Every time you post a photo update, it makes me smile. (And that's a Very Good Thing these days.)
(My own houses are languishing right now . . . because I've been working on other things, but SOMEDAY!)


Your houses! Oh my! They just are the best!


Those house blocks are so fun. Our grandson has been drawing houses and it makes me want to make a house quilt.


"I'm not really" . . . Funny!


I would love to look out at the world through pink windows!

Caffeine Girl

That is one of the cutest blankets ever. I should try one -- and learn intarsia!
Did you have to show me that yarn from Briar Rose. I've already looked at their Web Store. Pretty tempting...


I LOVE this row! Your color choices make me so happy and this project is so fun to watch!


Loving your blanket! You could give Parcheesi up there a run for its money! :-) And I love your tribute to your Aunt. xo


These houses just get better and better and I appreciate that you pointed out how different the pink looks with a different background yarn. I don't know if I would have thought it was the same if you hadn't said so!


I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing your little houses!


The houses are so cute. I love Briar Rose yarns- I have a whole shelf of them in my yarn cabinet. I've done 2 sweaters with it. Have you ever gone to their 'Yarn in the Barn" event? Not sure if they still do it. It was great fun.


Those houses are just adorable!

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