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Unraveled Wednesday: The 16th House

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading,.. 


I'm closing in on Row 3 of the Safe At Home Blanket, and started the 16th house last night.


I think it's my favorite so far!


That's Row 3, and this...

IMG_5543 overall progress. The knitting is almost 1/3 done! I'm telling ya, it is definitely tedious at times, but it's also getting a bit easier... and I just couldn't be happier with the whole thing.


Colorful houses will dominate this corner of the blogosphere for a while yet.  :)


I'm closing in on Wild Game, and looking forward to the discussion. I haven't listened to a book in more than two weeks, but today I finally started So You Want to Talk About Race.

P.S. Who broke Bloglovin'? It's been my blog reader for a while, but it's lately been having some glitches and today... well, BIG glitch, as in NOTHING HAPPENING. What do y'all use these days?




I love all your houses, but I think the pink ones are my favorites. I'm glad to hear that colorful houses will be around for a while.

I use feedly and haven't noticed any glitches in a couple of years. There are occasional delays between publication of a blog post and when the feed is picked up by feedly, but not more than 30-45 minutes.


Oh boy, those houses! Too cute!!

And, I use feedly... but it is not my favorite!

Caffeine Girl

I think that blanket is adorable beyond words.
I use the blog list on my blog.


Another Little Pink House(s) for you and me!! Love this project so much Vicki. You are owning it!!!

I don't use a "reader" - I just know the blogs I like to read and go to them.


I'm always happy to see those houses! I use Feedly for keeping track of the blogs I follow. It's pretty good although my photos don't show up there anymore.


Those houses! I will never tire of seeing them!

Robby H.

My color loving inner kid just wants to move into your new neighborhood there! Feedly has a hiccup now and then, but I've been pretty happy with it.


I use Feedly. It's true the pictures don't show up as Carole said, but on the other hand I always click over to the blogs to see the comments anyway! Feedly is just how I keep track of all you guys. Lately there have been ads but they are easy enough to ignore; mostly they're about how to manage your money and who cares; we use our money to buy yarn anyway, right?


Oh my, I so love this blanket! I think I need to knit it too!


I’ve used Feedly for years. As far as pics showing up, it really depends on the blog. For most of the blogs I read the pictures come through just fine. Some blogs are set up so that you have to click through to read them and I like that then I can use Reader View to make it even easier to read. Feedly has made a few updates in the past year or so that make it a little less user friendly, IMO, to set up what you want to read but overall I’m happy with it.


Little pink houses for the win!

I am still mourning the loss of Google Reader for following blogs. Now there's a function of Blogger that I use, but it's not great. I guess it's good that I don't follow *too* many blogs.


Your little houses just make me so happy! It must be the bright colors. They look sunny, joyful and fun, like a little town you'd love to live in! I'm another Feedly fan (have been since Google Reader died).


I too have used Feedly for several years, ever since the aggregator -- whose name escapes me at the moment -- went away.

Jean Marie

I'm another one using Feedly (I used something else, the name escapes me, but it went away...then came back... but I was already using Feedly by then. Hmm - Old Reader, maybe?).

It can be hard to navigate adding feeds...'follow' is not intuitive for me! And (as mentioned above) I've noticed that some blogs' pictures don't all load (and it seems to be related to specific blogs or maybe specific pics, not all blogs/pics). It is easy to click over to a specific post and see the pics, though.

I'm in trouble if it goes away, I've got well over 100 blogs on my lists!


oh little pink houses!! and another Feedly user here. good luck!

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