Two rows to go
End of August Weekending

3TT: Loose Interpretation

First Thing: SAFE AT HOME - 7 Rows


Last night, I took the photo that I'd hoped to take in the morning, and got started on Row 8!

Second Thing: AT HOME - Let There Be Light (and Space)


We finally strung some lights in The Garden Room. Rusty had put an outlet near the ceiling and it's controlled by a switch, so PERFECT. All three strings have different types of bulbs, but whatever... let there be light!

The ceiling in the new part is going to get painted at some point... thought we could live with it (the exterior trim color) but nope. I'm thinking the palest of sky blues. The floor (and a million other things) are more of a priority, though, so who knows when this might happen.


There will be some major sewing projects happening soon and I'm going to need some room! I managed to clear off that little bit of my worktable the other day. Heh.

Third Thing: DUCKY - It's All Ducky, All The Time!

One of the biggest changes we're making in Ducky is replacing all the "soft goods." Fabric for new window coverings is in the house (washed, dried, and ready for cutting & sewing).

We've purchased new fabric for the "couch," and samples are on the way for the "dining area," and new Dacron-wrapped foam to replace all of the cushions is arriving today!


B'bye 1980s brown plaid!

I'm planning to re-use the zippers from all of the cushions, along with the flannel-backed vinyl that's on one side of every cushion except one.


The zippers are 33 years old, but hardly ever (if ever) actually used, so they're in pretty great shape -- and they're metal. Thankfully, they were super easy to remove & save. The vinyl is also in great shape, with only a few minor dings & tears that will be easy to repair. The upholstery fabric itself has some yucky stuff on the inside that's just deteriorated into a dusty mess, so I'm happy to be getting rid of that. I took a bunch of detailed photos of the taking apart of my practice cushion to hopefully aid in getting it all back together!

Meanwhile, I found a mini bar!


It's a Trav-L-Bar! The whisky is our addition, and the "Tin Cup" could not fit in better.


It came with this hilarious "barguide" from 1976 -- the year I graduated high school! Maybe you'd like to try your hand at ranking the Top 15 Best-selling Drinks of 1976!

In the Let's Be Practical Department, I am nixing the inspection at the local RV place. We have instead hired a freelance RV inspector who will come and spend a day with Kate & I. He will not only do an inspection, but will also give us an intensive lesson on the care & feeding, as it were, of our vintage travel trailer! That day will be this Wednesday, and the process begins with a phone call this evening to make sure we'll have everything prepped and ready. This is a lot more expensive, of course, but more hands-on and educational and... well, practical. I think it will be a fun day, and I'm really looking forward to it!




Go You (and Kate) on the trailer stuff. So excited for you. I just know you two are going to LOVE it and make it so nice!! Your Mini Bar is exactly like one the parents of a friend in college used to bring when visiting their kid at school. I always thought it was so cool! And your BLANKET! Oh My! What beauty. What creativity. So gorgeous! And I can't believe that baby will be here SOON!!!


Your houses and lights are beautiful, and the changes and additions to Ducky are marvelous! Congratulations on re-using the zippers, and who knew there were educational free-lance RV inspectors? Glad you found one!

Kim Dean

What an interesting job: freelance RV inspector.

String Lights are among my Favorite Things.


Oh I love the Traveler Box! That is brilliant! (You would love love love the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer!!) I love the eclectic lights on your new porch! :)


Excellent idea having the freelance inspector. I'm sure there are so many things he's going to teach you! And that Trav-L-Bar...winning! :-)


This Ducky renovation project is so much fun to watch! I had no idea there was such a thing as a freelance RV inspector, but I suppose there are many specialized jobs that I wouldn't even think of unless I went looking for them.


What fun-new lites cleared sewing area. Lots of goodies for Ducky- can't wait to see the new fabric for the cushions. We had a bar kit like that back in the day- As for top drinks- Harvey Wallbanger, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Sour, Those were some of my favs at the time-- in my 20's.
With the uptick in RV sales those inspectors are doing well I'm sure. Are they certified or licensed?


The Safe at Home afghan is incredible!! I always thought Parcheesi was my favorite, but this one takes the lead now!! And the freelance inspector really does sound interesting and fun!!


Everything is just AWESOME, Vicki. The houses. The lights. The idea of a sky blue ceiling. THE CAMPER RE-DO!!! So.Much.Fun. But the best? The happy-go-lucky 1970s people enjoying their Wallbangers and Gimlets. YES. XOXO


All Great Things! The blanket is amazing, I love the idea of a blue ceiling, the camper renovations (can't wait to hear about tomorrow's ALL DAY training) ... and the the travel bar. I'm still a fan of tonics, gimlets and manhattans!

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