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Big downer

I can't believe the photo I recently posted of Malina & Duncan was less than a week ago! I'd mentioned that we feared Duncan was fast approaching the Rainbow Bridge...


I didn't mean that fast. While we waited to take him to our appointment with the vet yesterday, he passed away quietly at home. We could never remember his age, but 17 is a good guess. Ali referred to him as the "Peter Pan" of cats in one of our recent family chats, and it was so true... it was only a year ago that one of our Airbnb guests told me that he'd met Duncan and thought he was only about a year old!

Rest in peace, little squitten. We're going to miss you.




What a beautiful boy. My son and daughter-in-law recently lost their 20 year old tiger striped female cat. She was their baby. They were devastated. I am so sorry for your loss.


So sorry to hear that news. It's easy to see that sweet little face will be greatly missed by everyone. Lost my sweetheart Irish Setter earlier this summer she was 17 too. When they have been a part of the family for so long their absence is certainly felt. My condolences to you and the whole family.


What a sweet picture! Losing a pet is so hard. I am sorry for your loss.


I am so sorry for your loss -- the loss of a pet is always so hard. But I am thankful that he went peacefully at home. I think, given the choice, that's how most of us would want to go.


I'm so sorry, Vicki. When our Mason died it was very similar, quietly at home. I'm so grateful I was with him in those moments and it didn't involve a scary visit with the vet. I hope your happy memories of Duncan will give you comfort.


I'm sorry Vicki. Duncan looks like such a sweet boy! I'm sure his "17" years were abolutely perfect. xo


I'm so sorry, Vicki. Duncan was a gorgeous cat -- and along for so much of your family's ride. I know you'll miss that sweet little kitty. XOXO


awww...i'm so sorry.


what an UGH, Vicki - I'm glad y'all enjoyed many happy years and lots of memories with Duncan. Hugs!!

Robby H.

Goodness, I'm sorry I'm so late to this news. I hope you're soon at the point where you're remembering funny cat tales, warm snuggles and all the things our furred friends bring into our lives. It's so painful to let them go.

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