Wandawega Weekending
Hello, Monday

Right now... August

Anticipating... Kiddos sleeping over next week! All three for the first time! This is more or less a practice run for after the baby comes (due a month from yesterday), though I'll likely only have the two big kids then, with the current "baby" at other grandma's.

Celebrating... (with sadness but also excitement) Addison's 12th birthday on Saturday! He & his family are usually here at this time of the year -- August is usually Auntie Camp time. Boo.


Cooking/Eating... We tend to frequently cook meals at home, but like many, we've been cooking a lot more the past few months! We've always revisited favorite recipes from Plated (our favorite but now defunct delivery service), and have been doing so even more. I have a couple of favorite places for take-away, though. And 313 Dodge is at the top of the list (and also so darn close); Janel put together a gorgeous charcuterie box for me last night, which I paired with a Lemon-Basil Gin Smash from the walk-up window.

Excited about... getting my passport renewal. Not that I'll be using it anytime soon, but I'll be ready... the next big trip will be to Peru, I'm sure! I noticed today that the check's been cashed, so it's obviously been received at the Department of State and is at least partially processed. I had planned to send it in March, right after we got back from Mexico, but they ceased all but emergency operations and didn't even want people to mail them in. Maddy was in a little pickle in Australia, too, but thankfully operations have also resumed there (and she's all set).


Knitting... I started Row #5 #6 of my Safe At Home Blanket last night after taking this photo. It's pretty wild... and I'm really loving it. Four more rows to go!

Looking forward to... a birthday get-away to Lake Superior's North Shore. That's three months away (from today!), of course, but I took advantage of a booking promotion and nabbed a sweet lakeside cottage. Plus, I just needed to plan something!!! Anything can happen in early November from dining al fresco to building snowmen, so we'll just have to see what Mother Nature serves this year. There's a possibility of physically distanced visiting with cousins, both mine & Rusty's; otherwise, it'll be just us for a few days. Knitting, reading, sky- and lake-watching, etc.

Planning... Nona (Granny) Camp in place of Auntie Camp this year. Junah & Ginny participated last year and really enjoyed it. I think we'll do some fabric painting on t-shirts (instead of dyeing), and weaving, for sure.

Reading: Pages/Audio... I'm still not.

Sewing... I really want to sew a couple of things for the girls, and also have an itch to make a quilt. My room's a mess, though I have been plucking away at it... in the end, it's just that most of my creative energy/time right now is going to knitting that blanket. (My neglected Alabama Chanin Car Jacket is still on the table.)

Watching... Well, now what?? I just finished watching Schitt's Creek and I don't know what's next. Suggestions? I was watching an episode or two sometimes three on Netflix most nights before bed, but WHAT?? They only have Seasons 1-5! So I sprung for Season 6 yesterday and binged the entire thing. I never do that, but it worked out (and a good bit of knitting was done, too). It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. (No lie, I went through a lot of tissues... I always cry at weddings, even when they're on TV!)

Wondering... What's up in your world?




The blanket looks fab and that charcuterie box - oh my! I think your getaway sounds lovely. Have you watched Normal People on Hulu? Dale and I are enjoying it a lot.

Robby H.

I'm not helpful with the TV part. We're enjoying the limited baseball season while it lasts. (Hint, I don't think they're going to make it to the finish line like they're planning.) We've been re-watching "West Wing" as a sort of stab at remaining optimistic and reminding us that we can have a functioning government that cares about its' citizens. And, finally! Seeing you reference Peru (envy) and your neighborhood blanket in almost the same breath I realized what it was reminding me of. The pictures of neighborhoods or villages in Mexico and points south that feature dirt roads and small homes with little splashes of bright, cheerful color either on the house or someone's clothing in the picture.

Looking forward to the stories of Nona/Granny Camp.


That charcuterie box and the blanket both look absolutely wonderful! I haven't gotten any kind of take-out in almost three weeks and I'm really hungry for something great. As soon as I figure out what it is, I'll order! I enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu and am currently watching Manhattan. It's okay - kind of a radioactive soap opera.


I'm so excited about your birthday trip! It sounds just ideal -- and a nice pick-me-up in November will be just perfect! LOVE your blanket; love the charcuterie box; have no suggestions for TV viewing; and can't believe the new grandbaby will be here so soon!!! XO


That blanket is just wonderful! Love it. And the charcuterie box looks equally fabulous. Peru!!! Exciting. I don't watch much TV, but Fletch and I have been watching the new Perry Mason (HBO) and are enjoying it.


I wish I had a good TV recommendation, but I've really only watched the news this week -- I've been reading in the evening while I knit. The blanket is looking so amazing!


Congrats on the coming grandchild! For TV we loved Last Tango in Halifax. It's a British production takes place in a town way North near Scotland.


Perry Mason on HBO was EXCELLENT!! So I second that suggestion! Also, Grantchester on PBS is really my favorite, ever!

I think you are so brave to head north in November! What fun!


I love "Somebody Feed Phil" on Netflix- travel and food-what's not to like. I'm fascinated that you are going north for your birthday- I'm not a lover of cold weather, I would have planned a trip south. Sorry about Auntie Camp problems- maybe they can join the grands on Zoom to do the projects!

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