End of August Weekending
Happy Friday Eye Candy!

3TT: It's Not All Ducky All The Time

It is all Ducky a lot of the time (lately)!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

I have three photos to share.


Roger the RV Inspector came yesterday and spent most of the day with us... inspecting, testing, teaching, advising. In the past week, we've acquired a valid propane tank and a working battery, along with a few other little things he needed to check operations (and that we just needed). And, lo, THERE IS LIGHT! We have one burnt-out light bulb inside, but otherwise SQUEEEEE! The refrigerator works, the stove & oven work, there are no gas leaks, and the electrical is good. There are a couple of little water issues, and the water heater appears to be cracked, but the tanks had all been replaced at some point and the pump is good. We need to clean off & re-seal the roof and all the outside joints, but our little Ducky is in remarkable shape overall for a 33yo travel trailer! The To-Do List is long, but not one single thing on that list (except perhaps the sealing, if it looks like rain) is holding us back from hitching up and taking off right this very minute. He's encouraged us to do so... drive for an hour to some little park, stay overnight, come home.

More likely, we'll be hitching up and driving to an empty parking lot again to practice backing up and parking and stuff like that.


So far, Kate's been the only one behind the wheel. I give directions (we're figuring out how to communicate) and run around with the level, levelers, and wheel chocks. I found this absolutely genius leveling/chock system and I just can't get over how easy it is to use!


I forgot to take a photo, so did a little Photoshop doctoring to show how close I'm getting to the end of this project!! I've knit the last block with horizontal stripes (yay! those were not my favorite)... I have a roof & sky to knit, a block of vertical stripes, two more houses to finish Row 8, and then the final row of nine houses (which I am really looking forward to).

Hopefully, with the holiday weekend ahead, I can finish the two cushions for Ducky that I'm working on, and also find plenty of time for knitting! Correction: I will take plenty of time for knitting. I've also a three-day weekend coming up after this one... though I expect there will be a new baby by then, and some much of my time will be taken up with things related to that!



Jeannie Gray

New babies are so exciting! Congrats on the travel trailer. Have fun knitting for both!


So exciting!! ON all counts...new baby, almost finished blanket and Ducky!! Glad everything checked out so well on Ducky - fabulous news. Backing up is the hardest (and I don't do that). I do share the driving but I cannot back up our trailer for anything! We do always try to get pull through sites when we book campgrounds...so much easier and less nervousness!


Your three things are big and exciting! I hope your backing up and eventual camping go well, you knit lots of houses, and the new baby arrives soon!


Ooo! Yay for September babies! And wow what a learning curve for Ducky!


How fantastic that Ducky is in such great shape - are you going to be able to test her out before the baby comes? (and wow, I'm sure Ali might disagree, but it does seem like this pregnancy has flown by!)


new baby already? time really flew. i'm looking forward to seeing your houses all finished and all the stories you'll share from ducky...


Better get that crafting in before the baby arrives -- because I predict you'll be just a tad distracted once that happens!


Your excitement over your trailer is so awesome, I love hearing about it! We trailer camped for years but Dale knew everything about it so I just followed his lead. I never did drive the rig, though. I'd love to get back into camping but I think for us this go-round we'd like a very small RV or Sprinter Van instead of a camper. You must be so looking forward to the arrival of your newest grand!


So close on the blanket and the baby! You're life is always so full and interesting. Ducky is going to be one handsome trailer home!

Robin F

I didn't realize the baby was due so soon. I've lost all track of time and date. Ducky is really shaping up to be a great traveler. Have fun.

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