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Happy Friday Eye Candy!

From Maddy, Down Under:


A little Wallaby! That first image is a screen shot from a video, and that little guy/girl practically crawled right into her lap!

"Have you seen anything cuter?" she asks.

Well, here's a contender:


The hairdo! The amazing dress! The hand on the hip! The hipness of it all!!

Happy Weekend, Friends!




The roo is darling, but that Ginnie is such a character and couldn't be more sassy looking! Go, girl!


Sassy is the word that also came to my mind seeing those pictures of Ginnie (and that dress is amazing)! I've never seen a baby wallaby before, but am glad to have a dose of cuteness this morning.


I'd say the contender wins! (although that Wallaby is cute, it ain't got nothin' of Gin!) Have a fun weekend!


We all agree - Gin wins hands down (though that little Wallaby is darling and now I want one - lol). Gin is one sassy gal and I think that will serve her well in this world. Love the hair and the dress is just fab.


You gotta frame that! Go Gin!!!! Have a wonderful weekend Vicki! (And maybe baby news next week???)


Too much cuteness in this one post! Ginny is such a sassy girl, and that marsupial baby brought back memories of when my kid was little and called them "wobbies."

Susanne Scheurwater

OMG, that Ginny beats out the wee Roo!!! You already know I am absolutely over the moon with her smile, her eyes and that "tude" as my brother would say! Hand on hip is right...that could be a bottle of beer she is having with that look!!! So precious. nice to see how the "down unders" are doing...


Cuteness overload on this post! Baby?

Caffeine Girl

I vote for the little girl. And that dress! What a darling combination.
After reading your last post, I am cured of camper envy. So much to worry about and fix. You definitely have more energy than I do!


Gin has the look downpat! Did you make that darling dress? So high fashion

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