Weekending: Still No Baby!
Life is... overflowing!



Davy Arliss*
b. September 18, 2020, 7:05 am, at home
8 lb. 5 oz.

Does that look like a happy big sister, or what?? Junah is thrilled... I just can't even imagine how disappointed he'd be if Davy'd been a girl (at first, anyway). Malina is sticking close to Mom.


And here's the state of his blanket! I finished the knitting while camping on Wednesday. Last night, I sorted through all the yarn and the next step is sewing up!!

Safe At Home... indeed. Welcome baby boy!!

Edited to add the middle name! Ali says, "... from Old Yeller, he’s a stinker and this one peed on me already so it’s a perfect fit 😅 Like to name my boys from movies I guess!"




Welcome to the world, Davy! He looks very sweet, as does his big sister. Congratulations to all, and have fun sewing up his blanket!


Congratulations to all!


Congratulations Vicki, and to all the family too!

Kim Dean

What wonderful news. Babies are a sign that the world should go on.

Susanne Scheurwater

Congratulations Vicki!! and to the rest of the family too. I love that my favourite little one is holding the new baby brother!! She looks very 'chuffed".
Keep us posted on his progress of course!.

Margie D.

Hooray! It sounds like everything went smoothly and the young man and mom are healthy. More congratulations to all!


Oh so glad he has finally arrived!! (I'm sure Ali is even more glad). And happy that everyone is ok (and laughing that he already peed on her). LOVE the picture of Gin holding Davy.


I'm so happy to hear of Davy's safe arrival! He weighs exactly what Hannah weighed. Enjoy those new baby snuggles!


Congratulations all around! And I'm especially happy for Junah! Davy - what a great name! Enjoy the weekend Vicki!


verklempt! Congratulations to everyone ... it seems like such a tender time to be welcoming a new life and I am here for all the joy! I also smile imagining Junah's reaction to having a brother. Hugs and love!

Caffeine Girl

Congratulations! Mazel Tov! What a beautiful little boy!
The blanket is pretty darn amazing, too!


Congratulations to your family on the new addition!


Mazel tov to you all! He's precious! And I'm glad he didn't wait around for you to finish the blanket!


Welcome to the world, little Davy! XO
You've sure landed in a great family.
Much love to all.


Congrats to Ali and family! Mazel Tov. Were you home for the birth or out camping? Jun will have fun teaching Davy all he knows!


Hurrah!! He is adorable!!


Congratulations! What a wonderful family!
love, kisses & magical wishes...

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