Unraveled Wednesday: Mini = Maxi

Life is... overflowing!

I'm having to process and grieve the recent, devastating losses of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Cat Bordhi a little differently than most right now. I feel it all, but I cannot dwell...


Davy on Friday and yesterday. He's already growing! Ginny is utterly smitten... "Can I hold it?"

I went out on Friday, of course, and then again on Saturday with Rusty & Kate.


Junah had left his skateboard at our house and the safety gear I'd ordered arrived at his house... so they were all finally united!


Is that a happy face or what? I love that new {{BIG}} gap in his teeth! That's the first one on top.

We brought THREE BIG KIDS home on Saturday for an overnighter.


They played and played and played -- K'nex, dolls, puzzles -- watched a couple of movies, carved pumpkins with Grandpa, and Malina had a nice time all by herself in the playhouse, and...


...walking & playing with the dog! I gained both a grandson AND a granddog on Friday!! This is McGregor (or Ewan McGregor if you want to be formal about it) and he's sort of amazing, blowing us all away with how well he's fit in from the get-go. He's a smart, inquisitive, playful 9-month-old rescue, terrier/schnauzer mix... fantastic with the kids, and they with him.

And just a few more random shots from our busy and chaotic weekend:


I spotted Oswald hanging out in the kitchen at Ali's! I just checked Ravelry and he's over 14 years old!! I've knit four little Odd Fellows, but Oswald was the first and favorite. He even came to the UK with us.

And we continue to outfit Ducky... the sink & stove covers add much-needed countertop work space. We're heading up north in a few days!


And a parting bathroom mirror selfie w/Davy!




Davy is adorable and clearly thriving already. Seems to me he looks an awful lot like Junah did as a newborn. Those sink/counter covers are a life saver! And boy, there's nothing like a new baby to make those other kids look BIG!

Susanne Scheurwater

I can't believe how smitten Ginny is and that face! when she is gazing at him. How wondrous to see. She will love that picture when she is older. He is growing even from his birth picture but he wasn't a small baby for starters, was he?
Always great pics of the kids, and Junah is also that pic of him all dressed in his "gear"!
always wonderful to see those kids, especially that sweet Ginny....


Overflowing and everyone looks so very happy! I was getting used to Junah and Ginny growing up, but when did Malina get to be such a big kid? Enjoy it all!


What love and fun in all these pictures Vicki! Gin with Davy is just beautiful. Malina is suddenly BIG (and pretty independent, non?) and Jun's hat is WONDERFUL!!! All of those kids have such personalities and I bet Davy will be just the same. How wonderful that you and Rusty are so close to be with them all. And another trip in Ducky soon!! The stove cover is so handy - love mine.


And I forgot to mention McGregor!!! What a cutie. You will be knitting doggie sweaters soon!


I so, So, SO needed your post today, Vicki! :-) Thanks for sharing your sweet, sweet grandchildren -- all FOUR of them!!! Baby Davy is just precious -- and those photos with Ginny just melted my heart. I can't believe how grown up Junah is . . . with THAT HAT and his adorable gap-tooth grin. And Malina? Oh, my. She looks so much older and bigger now that Davy has arrived. Okay. And the pup. I LOVE him. So very many good things, Vicki. I need to be reminded of all the good things in life right now. XO


I have this vision that Cat and Ruth are hanging out, perhaps with a bit of a knitting lesson going on! Mobius collars anyone?

And those babies do grow! My Rachel is anxious, she is due any day now... I am nervous for her.


Oh Vicki - so much love for your family, and this post. A much needed reminder that Life Goes On, and we can (and need to) find joy in the midst of so much other crap. all the blessings on baby Davy, and to all of his family to raise him up right with love. xo - Mary

Robby H.

Always good to be reminded of the circle of life. Good to see the whole crew living life! Hope your next Ducky adventure is even more fun than the first.


The shots of Ginny holding her little brother just make my heart swell! And your granddog is so sweet! In the wake of some sad news, I am glad you had so much love to fill your weekend.


Loving every bit of this Vicki! (Your grand dog looks like my new grand dog Ruby.) Davy and Gin...just amazing.

Margene Smith

Oh, Vicki!! How lovely is this post!? Your life is full all of the time, but right now? IT'S AMAZING! The picture of you is so spot on.


So much going on! mostly good things. Gin and Davy are so cute together. How is Jun on the skateboard? MacGregor is so cute. I hope he's well behaved. He'll love running around with his human sibs. Those first gap-toothed smiles are so precious.

kathy b

Vicki, I cannot believe how much has changed since I have been here to Kntorious . I dont know how I feel off your feed, or whatever. BUT, NORthwoods and grand kids . .I LOVE those joys for you. Your hair is so long now!
Im sure you continue to knit and create. I'll be back.

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