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Unraveled Wednesday: Safe at {our Campsite}

Unraveled Wednesday: Mini = Maxi

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading.


As previously mentioned, I've finished knitting houses for the baby blanket! I sorted through & organized all of the remaining yarn -- happily noting that I used up quite a few odds & ends -- in preparation for sewing up. I plan to work on that while camping for 5 days/4 nights beginning TOMORROW!

I am so ready for some time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The weather looks like it'll be pretty good, and there should be some fall color on display. I'm also happy that we'll have a physically distant meet up with Uncle Jim, my dad's youngest (and only remaining) brother. It's Jimmy's cabin which we are often invited to use for a week or long weekend most years, but as we all know, this isn't "most years." And that's also why we now have a travel trailer!

Anyway, my cousin Gail sent me a very timely reminder inquiring about the "messy bun hat" that she asked me to knit a while back. She had sent me a photo of the Braids & Bobbles hat (Ravelry link) and I've always wanted to knit that hat, plus it seems like a good time for texture. I dug out some dark green Cascade 220 (I think) and started on Sunday night. I'm not crazy with the layout of the pattern. Others have complained about the lack of a chart, but that doesn't bother me as much as just the way it's written and having to flip pages back and forth. I finally cut & separated parts of the pattern to eliminate some of that. Anyway, I'm getting into the groove of cables again and it's looking great. I intend to deliver it when Rusty & I head up to the North Shore of Lake Superior just after Election Day, so need it finished by then.

Meanwhile, I took delivery of this the other day:


Apparently, 2020 is the year of the mini-skein for me! I had ordered a bunch of Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails way back when this pandemic mess all began (a crocheted blanket or two underway with that), and also found their 12 Days of Madelinetosh to be irresistible, AND was bewitched by Lambstrings Yarns' Spooky October Advent Calendar! A little present to open every day in October might help keep me sane... and occupied while I consider what I might do with them. I adore Shanna's color sense, and I'm sure I'll be very happy.


I don't know what my problem is -- perhaps too preoccupied with babies and big kids and blankets and hats and travel trailers and camping -- but I am just not reading or listening to anything right now! Maybe those few days in the woods will give me a chance to slow down and dive into something. I certainly have titles on my list!


I gave Rusty his third haircut.


He was pretty shaggy! It wasn't my best (some of the attachments were missing in the clipper set that I borrow from Ali), but it'll do.


I had him take a "for the record" shot of my Covid hair... it's crazy long!

I'm sure you've noticed the shortening days.


This was last night as I came through the garage after watching ISS streak across the sky for the second time this week. Let there be light!



I'm not sure I'll be blogging while we're up north, so this might have to tide you over.  :)




So much here! Jealous of your camping trip (we are not going anywhere...but we do have a wedding coming up). Your hair! Looks like mine!! I did have 2" cut off the other week, but it is still crazy long (longer than EVER) and I'm enjoying it...but all I do is pull it back. Sigh...I should do something with it! Gin with Davy captures my heart every single time. She is like a mini-mother!! LOL. Have a fabulous time up North - looking forward to hearing all about it. Enjoy!!


Oh, I'm with you on the magic of mini-skeins.

And I have that same Spaceman Spiff t-shirt!


I'd say you've been pretty busy with all sorts of good stuff lately -- all perfectly good excuses for not reading much! Hope you have a wonderful trip!


Have a wonderful trip Vicki! Are you bringing a couple of kiddos with you?


I hope you can relax and enjoy your camping trip with plenty of knitting and maybe even some inspiration to read. I can't wait to see the finished blanket! Rusty's hair looks great and yours is LONG. Mine wasn't quite that long when I finally had it cut a month ago but the weight - it felt like it was going to drag me down. Snuggle that baby for me.


I am slightly envious of your trip to the north woods in Ducky! And, NO BABY YET!! (must be a September baby thing... they make you wait and wait and wait!) The Gin/Davy picture... sigh. I love it!

(and I need to pay attention to the ISS and go see it when it zooms overhead! Thanks for the reminder!)


I have a lovely mental picture of you sewing together your house strips in the Northwoods in Ducky! Rusty is a handsome devil with a fine haircut, your hair is quite long (I finally trimmed my own because I couldn't talk John or Justin into doing it), and Gin is darling with Davy. Enjoy your trip!


who cares about books and reading when you have ALL THAT GOOD STUFF to occupy your brain (and your heart)! and that last photo ... *heart melting*


What a terrific idea to have that October-mini-gift-a-day coming up! Can't wait to see how that . . . unwinds. ;-) I'm also anxiously anticipating the finished house blanket!!! (Maybe it will inspire me to pick up my own again, after a months-long hiatus. Who knows?) Enjoy every minute of your camping adventure. And Ginny with Davy??? Be still, my heart. . . XO


Gin holding Davy is priceless. You take great pix. Rusty's haircut looks great. Your long tresses are beautiful. Are you planning to keep it long? Safe travels and have FUN! Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

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