Unraveled Wednesday: Mini = Maxi

Unraveled Wednesday: Safe at {our Campsite}

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading.

Kate & I returned on Monday from our Northwoods camping trip. I had yesterday off, too, during which I got a lot of my "day off" stuff done, and we dropped Ducky off at an RV service center to have a few things done and/or checked out.

We also had an early morning visit from a certain young gentleman, and had breakfast with his mom.


I took a few photos... he wasn't interested in sleeping, and it's difficult to get a good capture of an awake baby when they're so young, but I managed a few. There's a history in our family of not having knitted gifts done on time, and draping the pieces upon the recipient with a lick & a promise. Heh. Davy is probably the youngest person subjected to this tradition. Also, suddenly, there's some scale to this project!


It took a few tries to find just the right way to sew up these rows. I tried "mattress stitch" a couple of times/ways, whipstitch, crochet... I finally settled on backstitch.


Approved by McGregor!


It's a little stretchy, not too fiddly, and I know how to do it (I could do that and running stitch in my sleep thanks to Alabama Chanin!). I managed to sew up Rows 1 + 2:


And Rows 3 + 4:


I'm showing the back of my work!


A lot of the ends had already been woven in & trimmed, many were woven in but awaiting a trim, some of the longer ends are coming in handy for the sewing up (and I sometimes wish I'd left more and/or longer ends).


Ope! There's that cute pup again!


And another (selfie) with Kate! He was a pretty good camper, considering everything... other campers, kids, other dogs, loads of busy chipmunks. Kate's started knitting him a sweater! And there's a plan formulating for another.


I'll definitely post more about camping soon. We saw a little blue sky & sunshine on Sunday afternoon (pictured above), had a lot of rain (but only at night), and burned through lots of wood! A good time was had by all.

I still haven't read anything lately... except for my absentee ballot.




I'm glad you had a chance to carry on the family tradition with Davy and your stunning blanket. Both of them are really something (along with that cute pup)!


Well, I'd say the absentee ballot is the most important to read right now anyway. Gosh darn that Davy is a cutie and it looks in this picture like he's got long finers...piano fingers my MIL would have said. Glad you saw some foliage and some blue sky. Looking forward to hearing more. I'm a cat person, not a dog person, but McGregor sure is a cute one. I might be won over!


I followed on Instagram so I know you had a great trip! And Davy with that blanket - it's a heavenly combination!


What fun! And that baby! Too cute! No baby on my baby watch yet... and this nana is getting nervous, but trying hard not to increase my daughter's nervousness. If labor does not start before Friday, she has another appointment with her dr, so fingers crossed!

Robby H.

Looks like the neighborhood is coming along nicely. And what a cute new four-legged friend. I mean, cuteness and babies are assumed, but McGregor is holding up his end of the cuteness scale, too.


You'll have to forgive me for saying your grandson is cute but the star of this post is your granddog! He's too sweet! I'd love to have a pupper just like him!

Glad to hear that camping was a success. This time of year is perfect for it -- just cool enough for a fire and with pretty views of leaves starting to change.


Oh, that tiny Davy! Squeeee! He's such a sweetheart. XOXO
I'm so glad you figured out a way to sew those squares together. (Leave it to good, old back stitch!) Mattress stitch is so . . . difficult . . . with garter stitch.
It looks like you picked the most perfect days for an up north fall camping trip. Gorgeous color, rain only at night, time around the campfire. I'll bet the air smelled GREAT!
(And Vera's right -- the most important reading right now is your ballot.)


While the blanket is very pretty, Davy is way cuter. I'm your trip with Ducky was such a success. Your granddog McGregor is so cute . That whole family is off the cuteness charts. I could smell autumn just looking at the pix-reminds me of Rhinebeck and growing up in NY.


I love "Davy for scale" ... wow, the blanket is much bigger than I thought! and it's coming together beautifully. Glad you had a little nice weather and filled your time away with lots of good stuff!


I've checked, and my absentee ballot has been received and "will be counted." Deep exhale.

"Ewan McGregor" is the PERFECT name for that dog --- inspired and right on point. Kudos to whoever put the look and the name together.

Jane A. Wolfe

What a sweet baby. There is nothing like a new grandchild. So welcome to the little guy. I look forward to reading about your camping trip. It's been a long time since we went camping but this pandemic thing makes me think twice about it.

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