Happy Friday Eye Candy!
Weekending: Still No Baby!

Unraveled Wednesday: The Clock Is Ticking

NO BABY NEWS YET! Alison is running out of things to clean, organize and/or redecorate. In the past week: sewed baby bonnets, deep cleaned their van & the kids' car seats (along with installation of the infant seat), repainted the lower kitchen cabinets, finished the upstairs bathroom (Rusty & Rod had big roles in that job), Marie Kondo'd Rod's dresser drawers, and installed missing cabinet doors in their bedroom.


Meanwhile, the kids were over a couple of times over the weekend.

Experienced Big Brother & Big Sister in waiting (blowing bubbles)...


This one is about to become a Big Sister for the first time... and forever!

Here's a quick Ducky update!


I finished the first of the cushions, then put that project aside momentarily while I made curtains! We've decided to make a trial run close to home before we head way up north. A week from today, I'll be waking up in Ducky at a little lake-side county park campground less than 20 miles from home. Anyway, curtains jumped to the top of the To-Do List, and I was able to finish all but the kitchen & bathroom curtains... those windows are very small and can be easily covered.

While I did that, Kate wallpapered the bathroom!


This photo is actually taken through the bathroom window.

And we've added some artwork.


Kate found this tiny Bob Ross-esque original oil painting for 50¢ and it's just perfect.

But that's not all...


She also started putting down the new floor! It's the same tile that we're using in The Garden Room...


...speaking of which, Rusty started the prep for that!

And now, for the main part of this program!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading.




It won't be long before it's too dark to take photos before I go to work. Thank goodness, my phone camera does pretty well in low light! That's the 9th & final row in-progress, with the 8th row for (more) visual interest. I guess I have three houses to go, then roofs & skies... it seems reasonable that sewing up should begin sometime over the weekend!

I'm sure hoping we have a baby by then!


I haven't been reading anything except the New York Times on Sunday mornings. That's about to change, though. I used languishing Audible credits to acquire The Women of Brewster Place, the next "Read With Us" selection from CaroleBonny and Kym, and Hamnetwhich has been highly recommended by both Bonny & Carole in recent posts.

One of these days, I'll turn some pages, too. The stack on my bedside table is nearly obscuring my alarm clock.




Ducky is the luckiest camper in WI! That wallpaper is sa-weeet! As are those three little faces...soon to be 4!


that's a lot going on! i love that painting in Ducky and that wallpaper is fabulous!


It sounds like Ali is surely nesting and I love all of your work on Ducky! He's looking good and I'm looking forward to hearing about your maiden voyage together (along with baby news)!


C'mon, baby! (Poor Ali). Ducky is looking great and so is the blanket. I hope you enjoy Hamnet as much as I did.

Robby H.

Whew! You're gonna need a short trip to test-run Ducky and to catch your breath. But all the projects are looking great. Well, that baby is a little slow, but no doubt it will arrive with a flourish as they always do.


I am loving the Ducky Transformation! (and your insane sewing skills... that cushion, DIVINE!) I shall join you in the come out baby chant with the hopes that it is soon! (Maybe not as fast as my Heidi's Win..the midwife barely arrived to catch him!)


Those kids!!! So darling (though don't tell Jun - lol). And soon to be 4!! Remember, tomorrow is the 10th - a good day:) I'll join all in the c'mon baby chanting.

Ducky! You two have done so much! I'm excited that your maiden trip is coming so soon. Can't wait to hear ALL about it.


Oh man waiting for a baby is the best and the most anxious of times. Ducky looks - well just ducky. What fun. I hope the maiden voyage goes well. Enjoy. I am also looking forward to seeing those houses all stitched together.


I hope by the time I post this baby is on the way -- those kiddos sure look ready to meet their new sibling! Ducky's transformation continues to be great and fun to watch.


Oh, Vicki! SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! The camper is shaping up so well -- and so quickly! I just adore that bathroom paper. It is so . . . unexpected . . . in a camper, and I LOVE that. :-) And those kiddos! Thanks for sharing them. I need their lovely faces and big smiles right now. Hang in there, Alison! XOXO

Margene Merrill Smith

Those kids!! And, Ducky is so fab! I love the retro look that reminds me of my grandmothers trailer and that flooring was in my parents first kitchen! The blanket is so very cool and I LOVE everything in this post!


I love what you are doing with Ducky. I'm confused about the sleeping area, does the dinette turn into the bed or is there another area we haven't seen yet? We are currently camping on the smoky Oregon coast and moving on today further south to Winchester Bay. We've had no electricity for the past 4 days due to a wind storm. I love your baby blanket and I know baby will love it too!


I love the houses, what a great idea for a blanket. I do hope baby arrives safely earthside soon, if it hasn't already.


For some odd reason I woke up this morning thinking of you and Ducky! In my dream I was trying to tell you to buy a tower space heater to bring along on your camping trip. We bought one in an Ace Hardware store in Palm Springs on a trip over there last October and have had it running on this crazy trip to Oregon. It's gotten cool especially at night and running the RV heater is noisy. Ours is a Lasko ceramic tower and is almost silent. Just be careful if you turn on a coffee pot or toaster you MUST turn off the heater or you will blow your fuses!


I am LOVING all the Ducky progress. Y'all are such a great team! ...and hopefully there's baby news by now!?! Malina looks like she's all ready to be the Big Sis!

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