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3TT: Yesterday

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

Three photos from yesterday!

The day started with an invitation to walk along with Kate & McGregor.


He is not my dog and I'm not the primary dog-walker, but I've definitely been walking more since he joined our household. Not a bad thing!

Later in the morning, Ali popped over with Davy.


I got to cuddle him for a while so she could go to the grocery store unencumbered.

We're nearly finished watching Wild Bill on Amazon/BritBox and, of course, I'm sewing up a blanket...


...which is now big enough to actually serve as a blanket! I began the second-to-last seam last night, joining Rows 3+4 to 9-to-5. It's going to be warm!! Parcheesi is pretty comparable in size, but it's knit with a single strand of fingering-weight throughout... this one is fingering held double!

For grins, the 3 projects I need to finish before casting on anything new:

  1. Davy's Safe at Home Blanket
  2. Messy Bun/Braids & Bobbles Hat for My Cousin Gail
  3. Making More Arrows Scarf for Peg (the one in Neutrals)

Well, for sure I have to finish the first two... any deadline for #3 is purely self-imposed.




Oh those baby snuggles. Sigh. And the blanket - WOW - it's BIG! Good luck with sticking to your project goals.

Robby H.

Knitting the border on that blanket is going to be so snuggly on your next Ducky Adventure.


What a precious baby! I would babysit any day for a mom to go shopping just to get to inhale that new baby smell! :)


Davy snuggles, walks with McGregor, and a blanket project large enough to serve as a blanket sound like heaven!


The days when a newborn snuggles on your chest are among the best. I look forward to seeing that blanket. If you are seaming, you are closing in on a spectacular finish.


Baby snuggles are the best! I'm sure that blanket is going to play a big part in your snuggles with him as he gets bigger, too.


Ohhhhhh! Baby cuddling! XOXO
Dogs are the very best "motivator" when it comes to getting outside and walking -- no matter the weather. And blanket projects in cold weather offer such a built-in bonus!


McGregor will keep you moving (even as secondary walker)! Davy is just adorable and the blanket...well that's museum worthy!

Margene Smith

Yep, Davy's blanket ranks right up there!


I LOVE the lap and that WIP ... I know you've shared plenty of in-progress photos but this one really made me realize just how big it is ... and how perfect it is to welcome little (for now!) Davy!


Davy melts my heart! And that blanket looks bigger now than I imagined. Beautiful Vicki!!


I'm sighing just looking at that great cuddle picture. I can feel my body relax as I imagine your pleasure. He is sooo cute

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