Unraveled Wednesday: Safe at {our Campsite}


I'm worn out. I've never slept better than I did last week... six days in a row with green stars on my Fitbit (meaning that I met my sleep goal), scores in the high 80s. Since? Not so much. I think I need to go back to the woods.

Here's some random stuff for a chilly Friday.


Color in the back yard.


Color in the car. It's not the best photo, but I loved the sunlight on my orange chenille collar. Wearing this amazing sweater/jacket is always like getting a big warm hug from my sister. (I love you and miss you, Sharon Jean!)


Color on the sidewalk. This morning. In the dark. I had to adjust the color balance a bit, but wow... I wonder how long I'll be able to take early dark-morning photos? Anyway, this is Rows 5+6, which I finished sewing up last night while watching an episode of LONG WAY UP!! We really loved Long Way Round and Long Way Down, so this was a no-brainer... plus, I finally get to use the Apple TV subscription that came with my phone! If you like Ewan McGregor, adventure, Ewan McGregor, beautiful scenery, or Ewan McGregor, I think you'll like any of these shows. (Ewan McGregor.) (Charley's cute, too.)


Color everyday in October! I was so happy yesterday morning when I realized that it was SPOOKY OCTOBER ADVENT CALENDAR time, and looked forward to getting home and opening Day 1. This is really going to help get me through the month...

Happy Friday! I hope y'all have a great weekend!




So much beautiful color! I hope your sleep improves and/or you get back to the woods soon!


Can you send some of your cool weather here? It's still in the high 80's and I saw on the weather report that allthe upper sstates are going to be freezing. Love your warm sweater. Photos of the color in different places was uplifting. have a fun and save weekend.


Okay, I am heading off to watch Long Way Up right now and knit me some BSJ! Happy Friday!


Ewan McGregor, you say? I'm not sure how I have missed these, but I'm onto them now! (Fun story: Ewan McGregor was filming a movie in town several years ago and he walked by me in our neighborhood one day!). I am sorry your sleep hasn't been as good. Think the fresh air from camping helped you get such good rest?


I hope you're getting some good sleep this weekend! Closing in on finishing that blanket must feel great.


October color is the BEST! and certainly best appreciated when one has rested well. Sure hope you got some sleep this weekend!


Wonderful color (LOVE that sweater on you). I finally slept well last night - first night in weeks! Hoping yours improves (the woods do help, for sure!).


You were SO wise to have ordered up the Spooky October Advent Calendar yarn! Oh, how delicious to open up a GREAT package of COLOR every day this month!!! And thanks, too, for the tip about . . . Ewan McGregor. Here's to a good week -- with some good sleep -- for you. XO

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