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Unraveled Wednesday: Sewing up!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share what I'm knitting & reading.


I have half a blanket almost sewn up!!


From the top, that's Rows 9 to 5... a few little sections still need to be sewn between Rows 6 & 7, and I'll probably be moving on to joining Rows 3 & 4 by this evening.

Adding on two rows at a time really makes it grow! The end is truly in sight.


Here's a view of the back. I'll be using most of those long ends for sewing up.


I've actually started "reading" again, listening to The Women of Brewster Place, which I am enjoying very much. I haven't been turning any pages yet, though.




Sewing those rows together has to be extremely satisfying! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying The Women of Brewster Place.


That blanket is absolutely wonderful! (And I think listening is reading, even if you're not turning pages.)

Honore´ Francois

Your knitted village of houses is sooo much fun! Do continue to enjoy!

Robby H.

Wow! You're making great progress on the sewing up there. I'm afraid that's the point at which my construction crew might go on strike.


That blanket is looking AWESOME! (and perhaps I should try listening to Brewster Place!)


Though it would probably be daunting to know ahead of time, it'd be interesting to know just how many ends you will have woven in by the time you're done with this blanket -- it's such a huge and impressive undertaking! I hope The Women of Brewster Place keeps you good company as you stitch.


Listening is ABSOLUTELY reading. :-)
And the blanket is GLORIOUS!

Margene Smith

This is the most amazing project. I ranks with Parcheesi!


This is really cool!

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